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They won the game!!!
May 22, 2007

Cassy's team won the game last night!  19-16..and man was it intense.  We batted first..and managed to get a couple of runs...Cassy bats 4th-got out at first but batted a run in.  Second time around she got out at 2nd..becasue she wouldn't slide and got tagged at.  Starting the top of the 6th we were down by 6. At the start of the 7th inning it was tied 15-15....Cassy was up first to bat and hit a triple..the dug out and the stands went nuts (doesn't take much but still..lol) She is so tickled.  We scored 4 runs that inning...then their first batter up scored a home run...luckily that's all they managed to score and our girls won! Not bad for a bunch of 8, 9, and 10 year olds. They are now 5-3. We have 5 games left before tournament.

Jamie's games are going well...as cute as tball can be...lol...It's so very funny...he's actually hit the ball without the t about 4 times...but he's so very funny...he gets up to bat..and they get him set into stance and he's just as serious as can be...and they pitch the ball and he swings..and then if he hits the ball..they have to tell him to run..which is pretty normal..but if he doesn't hit the ball...mentally-he's gone..watching the clouds, the stands, the bug on the ground...lol...and they have to set him up to the plate and back into stance for each pitch...it's really quite funny and I enjoy watching him..though I feel a bit guilty laughing at him. In the field it's funny too..he's playing in the dirt (they all do) sitting on teh base, talking to the other team if he knows them...etc...guess it's a good thing they only play 2 innings.  LOL. He has a game tomorrow night, one Sat and one next week and we're done with tball.

Bat-a-thon went pretty well and we had a good time The league raised a decent amount of money. Thankfully I felt well enough to spend the day out there.

I've gotten no writing done...except for this entry...though I had intended on writing this evening..I'm a bit emotional and strung out because of some personal stuff in life...nothing major, just stuff that needs to be worked out.

Sigh...Ok...well, I'm gonna get my shower and head to bed. I'll try to get around to the blogs tomorrow...I've missed y'all.

hope all is well in your world.


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