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Ball Games Galore
June 7, 2007

Hi People!!!  Waving at ya!

Today Cassy has her last regular season ball game...a make up from early in the season when we got rained out.  Sat starts our tournament...it could last up until Father's Day...depends on how they do...It's double elimination..we have high hopes of a trophy.

I'm still waiting on our ENT referral.  I called a couple of days ago..and they were supposed to get back me...they still hadn't so I got back with them today...lol..squeaky wheel..that's me.  She tried to tell me again, that I didn't need a referral...I advised her that medicaid says otherwise...an ENT is a specialist and I have to have a referral...uggg...so she's supposed to call me back tomorrow (they are now closed) and let me know when the appt is.  If she hasn't called me back by the time I get home with the kids from vacation bible school tomorrow I will be calling back...AGAIN...and it's long distance...maybe I'll send them the charges.

Kids are driving me nuts today...the big one is moody....the two I watch aren't listening..and the little one...well he's his typical 4 year old self...lol...this I get to take to a ball game...The big one is currently flipping out over the fact that she can't find her ball shorts that I folded up and gave to her 3 days ago...so because the boys were in there the other day she was screaming at them to find them...I was not calm, cool, or collected...I'm tired of the tude and I advised her if she didn't can it and cool it she wouldn't play tonight at all and there would be no further problem...I left her digging through her clothes...UGGGG

Ok...I have good kids...I know this...I really do.  The bible school teacher Cassy has told me yesterday that "Cassy is a delight"  She's a good girl with a good heart...most of the time.

Well, I need to head out of here...have a great evening...I'll try to pop in tomorrow at some point if it doesn't get too terribly crazy around here. I have to get Jamie packed for my sister's...and that kind of stuff...after vbs. 

Take care and God bless...you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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