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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
#524169 added July 28, 2007 at 6:20am
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Wonder why
Just wonrdering... Have you ever known a man to organize and conduct a garage sale on his own? Even when a garage sale is supposed to be a family affair, the woman usually spends weeks sorting through junk, tossing some, organizing and pricing the rest.

On the appointed day(s) the man of the house might help put out a few tables for the junk, and furniture if they're selling any. (But, hey! Not that ugly chair that he's had since he was 13!) But that only really happens if you can put the tables out the night before. What man wants to get out of bed hours before the garage sale? Nope. They like rolling out of bed 10 minutes before the sale, throwing on clothes and asking, "What's for breakfast?" They don't understand, either, when the woman throws a really good plastic flashlight. "Hey, that's my flying pig flashlight! You can't sell that!"

I guess that's why women don't complain. They put up with being the chief thrower-outer, pricer, and sales person because if the man actually likes participating he might notice all of those clothes she put out (he never wears them!), or those baby food jars. The guy insists that baby food jars might come in handy some day. Sure. When pigs fly, right? Those jars have been around for 12 years without being used.

If the woman of the house needs a pit stop (heaven forbid!), the man hates being left alone. Of course, people (women) tend to know when the man is all alone with the garage sale stuff. Soon, he's totally confused by the women in 6 cars that drove up just as his wifey went into the house for her 5 minute adventure. Yikes. When she comes back, she discovers that he sold one lady a $2 item for $20 and another lady a $20 for $2. Well...not so nice for the one, but it evens out. Another kept asking if she could have "all of this for $10?" He got nervous and said yes. Ooops. Looks like he sold a box of about 75 old videos for $10.

Well, not to worry. This is not going to happen at our house today. Why? Well... The hour by hour weather report that our local TV station puts on their web site says that we're going to have rain at 6, 7, 8 and 9 a.m. Our sale is supposed to start at 9 (which means the early birds should be showing up at 8). But if it's going to be raining right up until the sale is supposed to start, I'm going back to bed.

No sense in me getting all hot and bothered about how men don't do their parts in the whole garage sale process. Nope. This chick is heading back to bed.

Now...if hubby wants to handle a garage sale all by his lonesome, well...he's welcome to do that. Who's taking bets on this one? I'm telling you...men just don't do garage sales on their own.

I'm pretty good at garage sales. (Both having them and finding other people's bargain junk when I'm out and about. *Smile*) When I was married to my son's dad, I used to have sales twice a year. He was always surprised that I (he thought we - ha!) brought in $300 or more each time.

Haven't done that well here with Incurable Romantic . Know why? We've only been married since 2/05, remember? It will be a year or so more before I feel comfortable getting rid of his unnecessary junk.

Remember yesterday I said we had 17 truck loads of stuff. That's his stuff. He's a collector of junk and a pack rat. I told him the other night that he would have to take a week of vacation to sort through the stuff. It's true. Pick up something, hold it and walk down memory lane, put it in the "keep" box. Repeat a gazillion times. After sorting through an entire basement and garage, I'm betting he'll come up with one box to be thrown away and one to be sold. The rest will continue to fill the shelves that line the walls.

But that hasn't happened yet. I'm figuring...when pigs fly. *Smile*

Disclaimer: I am NOT saying hubby didn't do anything to get ready for this garage sale. He probably spent 6 hours sorting through old player piano music rolls that he's willing to part with for $1 each. In the process, he found a few for which he can get more like $10 each. Hey, y'all want any antique player piano rolls?

Stats for Friday - 113 folks took a peek. *Smile* Or maybe 10 people took a peek 11.3 times? *Laugh*

Friday afternoon, I thought of a really good entry for early Saturday morning. You think I can remember what it was? Ha!

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