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Creative fun in
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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
#525591 added August 3, 2007 at 3:37pm
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Ha, ha, I'm funny (revised 3:20 pm)
...or so I've been told. *Laugh* I was a pretty serious kid, I guess. I watched as the older folks made jokes. Maybe now that I'm one of those older folks, it's just my turn.

Whenever someone said, "You're funny!" to my mother, she responded, "And funny looking too." Don't think I'll use that one. *Bigsmile*

I have a question...about bridges or anything else, for that matter. I'm wondering why the officials can make immediate judgments that an event has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism, but then admit that finding the exact reason(s) will take as long as a year. Officials have said this about bridges and planes.

Looking at the rubble at the bridge tragedy in Minneapolis, I'm wondering how they can give any kind of information at all until the under side is revealed at the bottom of the wreckage. Yes, they can show what information they have from past inspections. But until they can see what's underneath all that concrete and steel, how can they make absolute judgments?

I'm just asking...

One day last week, I had either the Science Channel or Discovery Channel on. I wasn't really listening, just keeping something on to keep me company. A show came on about dinosaurs, and while I didn't follow the whole thing, there were some comments made that interested me a bit.

For instance, it was said that the dinosaurs ate all the time - and were fat - because they just couldn't get enough nutrients to feel full and nourished. That sounded a bit odd to me. Personally, I always figured God created a perfect world... Perhaps anticipating that kind of thinking from Christians and Jews, the show also said that after a huge flood, the soil became much more fertile, but by then there were no dinosaurs left. Interesting...

But that got me to thinking about today. Is it possible that people who are obese and eat way too much (many not wanting to), do so because the foods they eat are not healthy and are lacking needed nutrients? We know lots of foods are just sugars. But, even when a person tries to eat well today, there's the problem of hormones in milk and meat products. We know that farmers don't rotate crops like they used to and the fields are not full of minerals. That's why so many foods have added vitamins and minerals. *Smile*

I don't know the answers. I'm just asking...

Looks like we're back to normal with the number of folks stopping by here. During the time that I was writing about something...well contraversial...I had as many as 117 views per day. Yesterday it was back down to 40. Those 37 people who rated my blog are probably my regulars.

Some idiot said on the news today that 1) there are hundreds of bridges in the U.S. that are as bad or worse than the one in Minneapolis AND that 2) Americans don't want to pay for the repairs. WHAT?!?! I really don't recall anyone asking me if I would like the bridges fixed so they wouldn't fall in and kill and injure people.

I guess if they asked me about resurfacing that they do over and over and over, I'd be pretty vocal about that. I'd ask why in the world we don't use the same materials that were used 40 years ago...when the roads did not need resurfacing every time someone spit on them. I'm sure what they use now is cheaper. But if they have to use it again and again and again, doesn't that increase the cost?

Yep, if they asked me about that, I'd have an opinion they probably wouldn't like. But fixing bridges? I'm all for that. Remember...I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. (Lots of bridges!) And I lived in Texas quite a bit. (Just heard today how many bridges there are in Texas and how many are in critical condition. Amazing.)

Maybe those guys in Washington, D.C. need to start spending money wisely. *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh* If the entire interstate highway system is 40 years old, and most of those bridges are in the same shape as the one in Minneapolis, we're in for some major spending on bridge replacements and repairs. So...maybe we need to stop funding things like...comparing the number of love bugs that hit windshields this year as opposed to last year. Or...if it hurts to stub your toe. And...well, you know...that pork stuff that the feds pay for that should be local expenses, or - heaven forbid - costs of the local folks doing business. *Shock*.

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