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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
#526022 added August 5, 2007 at 5:51pm
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Two things today...

Who should I (we) believe?????

Remember the arguments I had with the nurse at my doctor's office? I was reminded of that this afternoon and started searching the Internet for information about high cholesterol and prescription drugs. What I found just was not pretty. There are hundreds of books - at Amazon.com and other sites - that claim that high cholesterol does not cause heart disease. I would love to buy one or two of the books I discovered, but my plan is to visit the library on Monday to see what I can discover there. Meanwhile, if you're curious, just go to Amazon and search for yourselves.

*Star*I am certainly aware of how "easy" it is in today's world to write a bunch of words and have them published. So, I will be cautious in believing everything I read. However...

Why should I believe what the doctor is saying...if she's been fed bad information from pharmaceutical companies? Hmmm.

Sadly, I am more apt to believe anything that goes against what the drug companies claim.

He had a dream (well, nightmare?)

My son told us about what he called a nightmare he had a few weeks ago. It was the night here a few weeks back when the power went out. Most likely - although none of us can attest to this - there were probably "boom-booms" and streaks of light in the sky that night too. *Smile* We all slept through it. Well, until...

Derek had quite a dream. When he first woke up, he remembered the whole thing and wanted to wake me. But he didn't. And, now, of course, that he remembered to share what he did remember, it wasn't much.

What is still left in his memory banks (where he can easily access it, anyway) is that there was an old woman in the room with him. Her back was away from him. And she was telling him in a raspy voice, "Pray for your children. Pray for yourself. Pray for your children. Pray for yourself."

He finally made his way across the room and was able to see the woman's face. That scared him. He said her eyes were white. (I asked it they might be like the eyes of the zombie type people who were in The Omega Man with Charelton Heston back in the 70's.)
Her face was scary too, although I'm not sure he can tell why now.

As he looked at her face and eyes, she shouted, "Pray for man!"

That's when Derek woke up.

I wish he had wakened me when this happened, since that's all he remembers now.

He got out of bed and all the lights were out. Spooky, huh? He went outside and realized that the entire street was also without power.

That's when this thought came to his mind, "I wonder if everyone is gone. I wonder if they've all been raptured."

Those of you who are close to me know that Derek struggles with matters of faith. He's not sure what he believes right now. He has quite a history as a young child - shouting "Amen!" in church when he was only 18 months old. Helping the ushers in church welcome people - at the age of 2. Showing new kids how to get to children's church after the children's sermon, then coming back to the adult church service, 'cause "he liked it better." Asking to be baptized at the age of 5 - and having the pastor assure us (after spending about 5 afternoons with him) that Derek knew what it meant and was ready. Writing a "church" song and singing it (while his Dad played piano) and teaching the chorus to the congregation - at the age of 5. Asking to attend confirmation classes at the age of 8, so he could be a full and real member of the United Methodist Church. Asking what job he could have after joining the church, since he had vowed to support the church with his time, his talent and his treasure.

As a teen, he urged his youth group members to get involved in the community. Because of Derek, they participated in fixing up houses for the elderly about one weekend every 2-3 months. They cleaned the community food pantry every week in the summer. They went to Houston to feed the hungry, and also to Mexico to help in a food pantry. If they scheduled a fun event (like skiing in Colorado) Derek urged them to do a service project immediately afterwards.

But...since he went to work with me every day at the church where I worked as secretary (and we both were members and attended), he learned about what often happens behind the scenes in churches across America. He saw how ugly Christians really can be. How disrespectful to the pastor and staff. How they can disrespect the church building - God's house he was taught - by putting off repairs. And the list goes on.

At that age, although he was a bright kid, Derek just could not understand. (Who could?!) He did realize that we're all hypocrites. He understands the concept that none of us are perfect. But he did expect more from a church. He expected to see love and not hate.

So? I wonder what faith struggles he's facing now. Interesting dream, don't you think?

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