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by Kenzie
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Fibro fog, pain, writing sandwiched in between. Quotes. Sermon notes. Encouragement.
#527407 added August 11, 2007 at 8:00pm
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Soooooooooo tired
I have done lots of sleeping today. *Smile* I guess the reasons are twofold. For one, I went to the chiropractor yesterday. If all I need are the heat massaging units (which I love!) and then the doc herself works on the huge knots in my back, I come away feeling fine. But sometimes the muscles in my back are sooooooooooo tight that my back requires some stretching. That doesn't hurt (although if anyone watched I'm sure it would look like torture!). But maybe, just maybe it zaps my strength a bit. Could be.

The second reason I'm so tired is that I had to take a muscle relaxer last night. Boy, oh boy, if I took the prescriptions as they are written, I wouldn't spend much time here. Or time awake. I'm allowed to take two muscle relaxers per day. That's for skeletal muscles. I also have a muscle relaxer that helps relax stomach muscles. And pain pills. If I took them all as prescribed, I'd be a total zombie. (And, sadly, I would still not be pain free. The only thing that takes away all of the pain is anesthesia when I'm about to be operated on or put to sleep for tests or something. That, and morphine, which I had a few years ago when I was experiencing bad chest pains. Both of these take away all of the pain. That's when I realize how much pain I live with day after day after day.)

So I choose not to use these drugs unless they're absolutely necessary. Why be in a totally drugged state or sleeping life away if they really don't take the pains completely away anyway?

Sigh. I did need the muscle relaxer last night. I slept 7 1/2 hours straight after taking it, was up and groggy for about 6, then slept for another 3+ hours. I told hubby that I could - it feels like, anyway - sleep for about 3 days just because I took one muscle relaxer. The script says I can take 2 a day. Can you imagine????

Anyway. Enough whining.

Not much going on here. First we were supposed to have Tiff again this weekend. Then Friday was scrapped and hubby was going to pick her up after soccer game this afternoon. He went, but she chose to not come so she could spend more time with one of her friends. Confused me. This is the same friend who just spent the whole week sleeping at Tiff's house. Oh well.

Tiff should have been with us next weekend, but someone is having a 50th wedding anniversary and, I guess that takes precedence over us having her here. Shot my plans. I was figuring we'd celebrate hubby's birthday next weekend. It's the weekend before it, but with Tiff here it would have been a good time to do that, especially since it will be a payday weekend for hubby. Grrr.

Supposedly she'll be here the weekend following his birthday and the one after that. We'll see.

Have you been wondering about those doggone laptop battery problems? Here's an article that addresses that: http://pcpitstop.com/news/rob/rcheng0707.asp

Here's a link telling where anyone can go in the U.S. for free health care. Good link to have handy, just in case. http://ask.hrsa.gov/pc/

You know that I've been at issue with my doc since she prescribed some cholesterol lowering drug, even though I had been told previously not to take them. Since then, I've been reading lots of articles and studies about cholesterol. Did you know that many of those studies claim that cholesterol should be high, not low? Or that when they study patients who have heart attacks, the only things they can find that are consistent are that they CoQ10 is deficient and they were under unusual stress (emotional and/or physical). Some folks with high cholesterol have heart problems, some with low cholesterol have them. That's not what we're being told by the FDA and the drug companies, is it? Grrr. When I have finished the book I just got today about curing things without drugs, I'll let you know what I've discovered about this cholesterol thing.

You know what I'm doing instead of the drug? I'm adding the CoQ10, B6, B12 and folic acid - in addition to the vitamins and minerals I already take. Trying to do a bit more walking, at least around the house. (Walking outside in this heat and humidity is miserable!) These things combined should make a difference in cholesterol - if it's higher than my level should be. Big if.

Here's something Dr. Mercola had on his site: Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease http://www.mercola.com/2005/may/28/cholesterol_heart.htm

Guess that's all for now. Have to decide if I want to sleep some more or read more of the book...

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