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Lady Smittens Journally blog thingy
#536476 added September 20, 2007 at 1:00pm
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Mr. Bungle, bettles! and a whole lot of horrific stuff
Changed my mind..bettles....thats...sorta better...really I'm pissed all my favs aren't here in this house, they are at someone else's house. I don't really want to go there, but I don't really want to be here either. I have went from wealthy owning selling and buying my own home at age 18, owning several commercial properties, not needing to work, though I did. I opened a tanning salon with my sister fowl! had that for 2 years then sold it. Became a "new age" therapist. made tons of money and in a matter of no time at all am reduced to homelessness and debt. I know the constable on a personal level.  Judgments, no job, can't really get one. The freaking head hunters will just garnish my checks. I don't really care about moving on much. Other than my children, and I have a gift that I can't deny those that seek me out that
I'm on a mission to expose my insurance company. Not that they are much different from others on some points, but They are the ones that I have personal revenge for. I research them almost daily. I know all the sub companies they use and ....Though they are very good at giving the run around. I've figured them out. every "place" they tell me to go...there are 3 they say they cover. I call everyone one of them several times even. I say the name of the company and they all have a pet name for them.
Devil of the industry
Can't remember off the top of my head....but was told by this one that a man would have heart attacks when he went through opiate withdrawals and they still wouldn't pay.

They pass the buck level one to level 4 at level 4 they say well it's the institutions fault that I went to who gave me a drug that shouldn't be on the market anymore. who diagnosed me as bipolar after spending a total of an hr with me....um pi polar is the most common diagnosis these days...It's the drug companies that "teach" the doctors about the medications and what to look for...they want there product to sell. so, Doc M says ohh you have all these related symptoms...related to what? the pamphlet the bipolar industry gave you? anyway, I "m in no state of mind to care. Do your worst doc M! without flinching he does.

so after, I slowly start to wake up from what was indescribable. I begin my research...what in hell is this all about... Doc M says...well really it's the pharmacy that's at fault they should have caught the interaction

So, I go to the pharmacist and begin to ask questions. He looks up on what he calls the best in the industry computer cross reference program. That doesn't, cross reference all the medication together but one at a time. I ask to see what it says and notice that the zoloft company wrote the interaction reference that was a single paragraph long. I tell the pharmacist, who is young and just beginning. How important he is to the industry. I hope you help to change this failure of a system. Drug companies are to blame for all of this...it trickles down to doctors and insurance companies who actually get paid to sell all these new chemicals that in 3 years will go from safe and non addictive w/little side effects to the cause of many human failures. class action lawsuits begin, but it's too late they make sure they are covered. They made billions using human ginipigs. The industry is so huge and makes so much money the gov wants us to be sick. they make a "killing" off our ignorance.

I've never put a drug in my mouth I hadn't research for myself for this very reason. I start at the drug site it's self and then look for independent Ph.D. research...knowing this person had no money to gain by speaking the truth. I then look for human patient personal experience what happens most often that The drug companies say are rare.

How do these drug companies come to the conclusion of what's considered mast often and rare....well they set up a study with poor desperate people who they PAY us 10-100 subjects for a short term period of about 1-3 mo. if 3 out of a hundred have rare side effects.... that is only 3%... now mind you many of these drugs impair your ability toknow what you are experiencing at all. but on a large scale even if 3% is true. and the number of patients using this drug becomes lets just say 10,000 which is rather small. 3,300 people. Now this would only be true...IF they were only taking the one drug...it doesn't include how the person eats sleeps, what they drink, how their life is and it isn't required by the FDA to use such a demographic ... the information is guess work at best just to get it out their. Now understand that with mathematics we have a great system that can prove absolutely anything to be true. And they do. and we are the animals they use to do it. Especially with mind altering drugs. It's impossible to know from an animal what is accruing in the thought process, what it feels like, in what ways it has change how they view the world. and something more frightening than all of this is that they have no clue how it really works on the brain, what nuro pathways the substance goes through and where exactly it ends up.

The big picture
In the united states alone nearly 100% of all Americans are on some type of ssri....without even knowing it this is true. The chemicals they use to "purify our water acts as an ssri, If you are so unlucky to have fluoride which isn't good for you to swallow...and the fluoride that is used is a byproduct of the fertilizer industry. Fluoridate. Canada for instance banned the use of fluoride in the water when they began to see that it was causing flourosis in young children, causing, brittle bones in the older population, reduced IQ, and acts as an ssri. The fact that fluoride is in my watersuply is devastating...they call it 1part per billion. this means nothing when you use it to water our vegetables, give it to the animals we eat, drink any store bought drink . 1 coke and some fruit ... you have just exceeded your fluoride intake by 110% that is in the average human! Think about new borns who use formula, that usually has some level of fluoride in the powder its self mix it with tap water and you new borns brain, teeth and nerv-system is being damaged...sometimes causing autism. If you go to your doctor you can have fluoride drops prescribed which makes fluoride a medication, if ingested. It is against my and your rights to medicate the water. not to mention the lithium and mercury levels found in the water. Which act as ssri's and also reduces IQ. Now why would our government do or allow such a thing........ well, this is only a tiny piece of the big picture it's all about money which is power. This nation was built by the poor and so called mid class system that was cleverly put into place during James town. This is the result. Consumerism, mind control through TV and FEAR. if they keep us in a constant sate of fear, then we the people will not act on our right to take back control of our freedom.

Any way I could go on all day. If you read this and dislike it and have some kind of proof to back your claims, then by all means do so. If you are just going tosay no it's not true, then...don't bother writing to me. If you are offended ... well sorry you feel that way. If you are curious look it up for yourself. This is a journal entry. I don't feel compelled to give any references. It's not that hard to get this info...right here on the web...even see pic of children with florosis. I'll give you this much....Japan has the most comprehensive and up to date continued research on the subject of fluoride. As far as consumerisim. look up bacons rebellion and look for how the class system started. You'll then see how "race" began. And how we continue as poor to mid class people make the rich powerful. by funding their dream of world domination. sigh..

Accidents happen everyday ... who pays? We do.

sub note.
a water supply in my state UTAH had an accident! the fluoride was somehow released in huge quantities into the system...they drained it into a near by mountain river, which people here are most happy to have in Utah. this killed the fish, the animals that drank from it and the dogs that went to a park just for them which has a pond that the river flows through. many pets have died and no warnings were placed for the pet owners. and then their are the people who drank this concentrate..... what is wrong with chemical drugs in the water? I don't know you tell me

Namast'e and a happy day to you all!

by LadySmitten "waiting for the patriate act to come take me away"

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