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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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Almost finished
Dec 14, 2007

Sorry I haven't been back around.  Jamie's bday was nice and he was tickled so many people said Happy Birthday..he doesn't recognize most words but he definitely recognizes his own name!!

My algebra final went ok..I know I passed...it's an online automatically graded test that I had to go into the proctoring site to take...I know at a minimum I got an 84.4...but the prof will also look at all of the work and will, in general give partial credit where the computer does not. I'm hoping for more than an 84%....it's a B on their scale...but I'm striving to keep my A....I'll know next week.

My final English paper is just about done..I'm putting the finishing touches on it now (well I have 2 people looking at it for me right now or I woudln't be talking to y'all...lol)  I've uploaded it to my port and it can be found "Invalid Item

To those who read my Evaluation paper on Head Start and gave feedback-I got a 98% on it...which makes me very happy and I thank you much!!!

I should have my grades in the next couple of weeks...I'm hoping to make the deans list. Mike graduates tomorrow afternoon....he takes his final test tonight...and then we are both done-well I'm only done until Jan 14th...my apartment and the family will be greatful!

Well, I'm off..have to upload my paper to my Prof...and help Mike with his test.

Sending hugs, I'll be around to play next week for sure

hugs and blessings

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