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Goin nuts
Dec 18, 2007

I sit here at my computer, refreshing every so often...waiting anxiously to see something change. What you ask?

My English professor is in the process of uploading the grades of our largest, but not final paper.  I kept waiting to come in..so I could share my grades for the semester with you.  I know that all of my other grades are in....I've done ok, a bit frustrated with one..but I"m NOT GOING TO TELL YOU MY GRADES until MY DARNED I mean wonderful, English professor finishes uploading all the grades, so I can share them all at once. And in truth, it's not his fault..he has until Thursday, I am just very impatient. lol..big surprise. But I can see that he's uploading them because the class average changes with each new grade added for that assignment. UGH! LOL

Ok, so I have a prayer request..and no, it's not for my sanity-too late for that!

Cassy, my 11 year old, plays basketball and we are in the middle of a single elimination tournament. We started last night, regular season ended last week.

With tournament the scoreboard starts over at zero...you win you move on, you lose you are done.  Yesterday we won-yeah us.  We will play again tonight-and if (or as Cassy says when) we win we will play 1 or 2 rounds on Thursday evening, for the tourney trophy-which goes only to the winning team. There are 5 teams in this age bracket-and everyone did receive a participation medal. But last night's game was a little unsettling for me and I want to ask you all to pray for all the girls, the coaches and their famiies.  All 5 teams are pretty evenly matched...Cassy's team (Storm) has only lost 1 game all season-the team that beat us, is, I believe,has also lost maybe one game.  The team we played last night was probably one of the weakest teams...I'm not sure how they pick it and it doesn't really matter...by the end of the first quarter we were ahead by 20 points.  These girls fought long and hard-and many left the court after the game-which after having a 30 point lead at one point ended with only a 10 point spread-in tears. Some were in tears- fighting emotions during the game-the frustration so very evident.  One girl, fighting over the ball, fell, hit the floor with both fists and got back up, tears streaming down her face, wanting the win so badly.  Most of the parents in the stands, for the entire season-and most definitely last night-have behaved admirably-cheering for their own teams and at times very much against the other team-yet applauding either team when a well scored play made its mark. However, there were a few-unmindful that these are still little girls out there playing there are hearts out and volunteer coaches who do it because of the love of the game and for the girls-who instead of rooting for their team, decide to holler at the coaches and the girls...not what any of them need. 

These girls are all 11,12, maybe 13-5th and 6th grade-and they play with energy and power.  I've seen girls foul out of the game...I've seen a few score out(max of 16 points per child per game) They root each other on from their seats as they play-not just their own team but the other team as well. My prayer request is that they would hold onto that, know that they are ALL champions, that the coaches would know they are appreciated and deserve the respect and admiration of everyone-and that the parents will remember that this is NOT professional sports and it serves no purpose to be disrespectful to anyone.

We've played sports for years-Cassy lives for softball season, plays basketball in the off season for something to do.  I know team parents come in all shapes and sizes and have been blessed with good coaches and parents to root with-both in those learning seasons where we just can't get ahead and in those seasons where it all clicks...we've tasted more victory than defeat, but as long as the kids walk away knowing they did their best, I don't care...do I want them to win tonight...heck yeah, I'd LOVE for Cassy to get to bring home a trophy on Thursday night (that assumes they win too :) ) But she knows we will be proud of her no matter what, as long as she goes out there and plays with all she's got. Her coach has my utmost respect (what MAN trying to coach seven 11-13 year olds by himself-doesn't deserve respect..lol) and has coached well and fairly all season.

I know this kind of got long...it bothers me-the kids are watching and this is supposed to be about them, about fun, and about learning....but what are we teaching them.

Ok, I've rambled at y'all enough.  I'll be back with grades as soon as I have them!!!

I'm now on vacation-as much as a mom gets-for the next 4 weeks! There is cleaning and playing in my future!

Also-before I leave...let me just tell you all how very proud I am of my beloved husband. Mike graduated with a degree in Business Management on Sat. It's been a long time coming and he deserves lots of applause and hugs. They threw him a party at work yesterday which just tickled him to no end and made him feel so very good.

I'm off to make a dump cake-promised Cassy we'd have it to celebrate tonight regardless of what happens!

hugs and thanks for stopping in!

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