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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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prayer request
Hi it's me again...that's kind of how I feel on a daily basis going to my heavenly Father too..lol

My family and I were in a car accident on the way to Cassy's game(actually stopped to turn into the school to go to the game) and some not so bright and considerate person, talking on a cell phone, crossed the yellow line, pushed our big oldsmobile 98 1 1/2 lanes sideways and back. The car, the only one that we have that fits all four of us(we have a 2 person truck)is completely totaled. The kids are fine. Mike's thumb hurts where the air bag hit it and I have bruising across my neck, check and down into my armpit where the seatbelt got me. My chest hurts every time my shirt rubs across ..my arms hurt if I try to use muscles...we will probably go to the dr tomorrow..it seemed ok at the accident-someone walked my daughter across the street to her game-which they lost 19-18 in double sudden death overtime. Kind of downer after our evening. We are shook up, angry, hurting, and scared. We just filed bankruptcy, we don't have a way to afford a car-and only had liability insurance on the car-because it was old and we coudln't afford more. I know God will figure it out...the police said it wasn't our fault-and not only was he on his cell phone-told the cops he was...but for him to have pushed us that far must have been going more than 30 miles an hour...

I'll try to get back and touch base tomorrow.

Please pray..we need it right now

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