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I hurt
Dec 20, 2007

Yesterday I ended up going to the ER...the pain was too bad. Nothing's broken or seriously injured...just blunt chest trauma from the seatbelt. I'd rather not think about what it would've been like without the seatbelt and I'm glad we aren't facing that issue.

Nevertheless, I'm in pain-I think I took the worst of it-the kids so far are fine. Mike's back hurts and he's stiff and sore but not to the extent I am. It hurts to move and yet I can't get comfortable even then. They say today will probably be the worst...I hope it only gets better from here.  I'm bruised everywhere the seatbelt touched pretty much-deep dark purple, blue, and red. Now it's starting to spread and some of that is more of a watercolored variety.

My neck also hurts and today my head hurts some.  The pain meds help but make me drowsy-according to dr's final written directions, i'm supposed to be on bedrest til the pain subsides..lol...between the fact that it's only a few days before Christmas and the fact that I have 2 kids-one of htem a preschooler I will have by myself this afternoon I find that idea laughable.But I will try to rest.

I have an article I"m working on for the Blogville news I still have to get put together..not have to..I know all would understand..but want to so very badly. Maybe htat's what I will put together while Jamie is home with just me this afternoon.

ON a happy note-my grades are in...I got 4 A's and 1 B. My last 2 English papers graded with perfect scores...wow..I'm so proud of me I keep going back to  look at the gradebook...lol

Well, I'm going to eat my soup and watch for Jamie's bus. I'll be back as I can.

Sending hugs and thank you all for your prayers and for the Cnote, sent to me by Special Kay . It was very sweet.

blessings and peace,


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