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Playing with God
Dec 24, 2007

Ask me.  Just ask me what my newly five year old son is doing right now!!! I double dog dare ya!

But then ya better sit down or you'll fall down laughing...least I almost did.

He's playing with God...and His partners, and His Dog.

Yes, you read that correctly.

On Friday, Jamie's class at school had a visit from Santa...and Santa brought each child a toy. The toy Jamie got was a box of plastic, very bright K'nex.  He's had a ball with them all weekend. Yesterday Mike built him a dog out of them....today, Jamie built God. And his partners. When I first ask Jamie what their names were he told me "Duh...George and Williams"  Now...I have to admit I'm struggling with this whole building God...while on one hand there is no one I'd rather have my son playing with than God...on the other hand it seems just a trifle sacreligious....lol

So, I decided the least I could do was correct the whole "partner" thing. And I informed him that God's "partners" were Jesus and the Holy Spirit. To which he informed me Jesus wasn't born yet and the "partners' were Holy and Holy Ghost.  I let it go. I'm not savy enough to argue with him...lol...

So, things have been a bit quiet, Cassy just finished showering and we are going to make Jesus' birthday cake...I asked her what Jamie was doing since I hadn't seen him in a bit...a little scary when you think about the fact that we live in a 3 bedroom apartment...and she said"Oh he's in his room playing with God" He is. God also has a dog, incase you were wondering..but Jamie didn't build him..Mike did...mind you Mike built him for Jamie, not God...but apparently Jamie's sharing. I guess it's a good thing.

This is not the first time Jamie has delved into a relationship with the almighty. Last week a candy cane fell off the tree...I asked Cassy to pick it up and Jamie said..that's God....I thought he meant that God knocked the candy cane off..no, he named the candy cane God....and others were Mary, Joseph, Jesus..and his brother ...no name for Jesus' brother though...that same night..Jamie was pretending to be God...he pretended the carpet was water..and he walked on it. I had to draw the line though when he told Cassy she had to pray to him...it was just wrong on so many levels it had to be stopped...LOL...OH ME OH MY

Ok, Time to bake cookies for santa and make a cake for Jesus. Have a blessed Christmas

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