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Did you have a nice Christmas?
Dec 31, 2007

I hope you all had a nice Christmas...ours was ok...the kids had a nice Christmas..my sister came to visit..and had Mike and I not been in pain and uncomfortable it would have been better...and if we hadn't been up until 3 am wrapping presents...it's a tradition I'd like to get rid of.

We aren't doing much for New Years...just hanging out at home....off the streets and safe...lol

My kids go back to school next week and I'm hoping to really get to do some writing while there is peace and quiet...I don't start back to school until Jan 14...so I will have a week to play all by myself...:) though hopefully by that point I'm not sleeping half the day because of pain meds....it  seems to be getting better slowly..though the more I'm up the more I hurt...even if I'm only sitting...

Anyway, enough of the whining.

Next semester I'm taking English 202-which is creative writing...intermediate algebra, history, business 101 and computer information systems 101...I think the algebra class makes me most nervous. I"m looking forward to history and English...CIS and Business Mike can help me if I get stuck...since he just got his business management degree.

Ok, I'm rambling. I hope you have a peaceful New Years celebration and a wonderful  and blessed 2008.


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