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One week of vacation left!
Jan 7, 2008

I have been on vacation for 3 weeks...sure doesn't feel like it. Classes start again Monday and the new semester's books arrived today by UPS. 

The first week of vacation, though I was alone most of it-because the kids were in school-was right after the wreck. I slept. I ached. And I didn't do much else. the next 2 weeks the kids were off, I was still in pain, Christmas and New Years holidays thrown in things were rather crazy. This week, though I'm still in pain...some of it is better. The bruising is almost gone and I can wear a seatbelt and not have to keep it away from my chest to be comfortable. My neck and back still hurt..as does my chest at times...my arms still don't want to pick up anything that's as heavy or heavier than a gallon of milk...but we go to the dr this week and hopefully she will be of help.  She was closed last week and on vacation the week before..helpful huh? Not very endearing when it's a new doctor to boot. But we shall see. I can't sit at the computer for long..my shoulders start hurting and the muscles in my upper back start shooting pain..this actually rather worries me since my ONLINE classes start next week. SIGH. I will manage it but I sure hope the dr has some good meds, exercises, something that will help.

Cassy went back to school today. I think she had a decent vacation....I know she had a nice Christmas and was happy with all she got.  While we didn't have the money to do anything over vacation she didn't have to sit and twiddle her thumbs. She had a friend spend the night, spent the weekend with my sister and went out to eat, to the movies and ice skating, went to her basketball end of season party at Chuck E Cheese (paid for by the coach-the entire team party-and he did it all by himsel-God bless him..lol) Then she went to the lock in at church this weekend...was up all night Sat. night apparently. So while she had plenty of sleeping in and watching tv, some chores and required reading...really and truly she got to do a decent amount of stuff. I'm SO glad she's back in school..it's much quieter because Jamie has no one to argue with...lol

Jamie goes back tomorrow and then I'm going to sit in the middle of the couch, with the tv on what I WANT TO WATCH and enjoy. Then I'm going through his toys and books to make room for the new stuff...it's a bit crowded in there.

Well...my back is starting to scream so it's off to the couch with a pillow and the heating pad.  Thanks for listening..I'll try to get around to the blogs later on.

Sending hugs and prayers

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