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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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Happy WDC Birthday to Me!
Jan 9, 2008

One year ago today I stumbled..more likely was led by God...into the front doors of WDC. On that day I posted
 Encounters with Christ  (18+)
An essay on healing and surviving
#1200379 by hoosiermomma2
and was soon rewarded with an inspiring review.  I've enjoyed the last year....wishing I could spend more time than I've been able to recently because of school and home fires that need tending. Still in the last year I believe I've grown as a writer. I've learned to review..and taken that information into my English class to help with a reviewing portion of the class. I've been hugged when I'm down, prayed for when things were bleak, and shared laughs a plenty!  Would I do it over again? Absolutely! I wish I had been able to enter more contests, do more reviews, enjoy more time working with more of you and getting to know you...but all in all WDC has enriched my life and through it...YOU have enriched my life.

I thank God for leading me here....

My birthdate is Jan 21....so on both hands I'm an aquarias...lol....

Take care of you and know that I love and appreciate all you do. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Speaking of prayers though...I have a couple of unspoken prayer requests for those of you who are fellow prayer warriors.

Thanks for listening to me bitch, moan, whine, groan, cry, rant. share, praise, and laugh. It's been fun.


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