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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
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Howdy y'all
March 7, 2008

Hi Happy People..well hi all people...lol..but I hope you are happy! lol

Life has been nuts. My classes are very labor intensive and I'm lucky to pop in every once in a blue moon.  I get rather overwhelmed sometimes...ok..alot.. But I'm enjoying my classes for the most part and learning alot.

We have new family members that have joined us.  Furry ones.  Ever since we moved back in August and had to get rid of our dogs and cat-life has been a little bit...missing something...so finally now that things SEEM to be stabilizing, we've got two sweet lovable

guinea pigs.

We can have pets that are caged without having to pay extra.  My kids love them.  There names (the guinea's not the kids) are Oreo (who is black mostly-with a white stripe running over the middle of her head-between two black sections....and another white stripe between her shoulders...also between two black sections.) She was shy at first but is adjusting and has turned rather sweet, even Jamie can hold her.

The other guinea pig's name is Spaz.  And she is one...was when we bought her, still is.  She doesn't like to be picked up (makes getting her out of hte cage hell...lol) and doesn't sit still once you've got her.  She bit Mike the other night, the kids don't even try to hold her and I'm getting close-but I know she will settle down once she's adjusted to it all.  We think she is the older and so it may take more time to adjust to new surroundings.  Spaz does like one thing though-she likes to eat.  Majorly...lol.  They both do.

They are fun to watch, cuddle and play with, they enjoy whatever we feed them (especially timothy hay!) and they chase each other around when we have  them out of the cage-but, there is no guilt or worry if we have to be gone all day-we just make sure they have food, water, and a clean cage..and all is well....lol

Anyway, not much else really going on here.  Cassy has a friend spending the night tomorrow night.  Jamie had twins spend the night last weekend.  I'm ready for some time alone with my husband...lol...the last time was when I was sick and had tons of schoolwork because of the flu....not so much fun.

Well, I suppose I'd best get back to my schoolwork. Mike will be home soon. I have 2 quizzes and 2 homework assignments left for the week-would one homework assignment but my algebra will be the death of me and the day I'm finished with math courses there will be a party here...lol

Hope all is well. I'll try to pop  by and visit soon.
hugs to all

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