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Because I was born and raised on the moon
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Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 21st birthday! Which means I have seen 21 springs! WOOT! Oh and its also my 100th blog, whic is pretty amazing in of itself, cause I barely write in this thing.

So, for today, I will write about things I love, and what I love most.

Of course, I love and appreciate my family. I mean really, they are very supportive, my mother and father. They're always there to help me, and guide me when I need to be guided. And they also know when I need to be thrown to the wolves, so to speak, so that I can learn how to deal with life and all of its difficulties. They support me in everything, and have raised me well *Bigsmile* I love them.

I love my siblings as well. Most of the time *Pthb* Not to say we don't fight, or that sometimes, we don't get a bit violent. But we always fix it in the end.

Of COURSE I love my boyfriend, Pavel. You know, we've been going for almost 5 years. 5...years. Its amazing...when we go out on a date...it feels...better and better. Each date is better, even if we just drive around, grab something to eat, or go to the bookstore. Each kiss, each caress each "I love you" or stare kind of...keeps fueling the fire, more and more. Its a....both exciting, but....domestic. Wild and domestic at the same time. Its wonderful. I love him. I love having him in my life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course my love of writing. Writing is a part of me. Its my SOUL. Its who I am. I mean....its what I've been doing since I was 5. No way am I ever gonna stop Writing. its in my blood. Its in my mind, my heart, my every being.....its who I am.

Of course that means I love WDC too! And all the wonderful people I've gotten to meet!

Drawing I love. Not as much as writing, but it gives me the liberty to express myself. To put a drop of my imagination into paper so that people can see what i see, or at least so they can understand why I'm not particularly always there....

I love art. I love music.

I love the Nutcracker. EVERYTHING about it.

I love the innocence children posses. I love the wisdom people posses. I love the tree's I love the winter, and the fall, and I love the rain and snow, and the naked tree's. I love music boxes, and toys.

I love the moon. I love its bluish, silver glow. I love it in all its stages. I love the wolves, which are associated to it. I love werewolves. I love everything that has to do with the moon, even the ocean, cause it bends to the moon.....

My Name is Aria Svetlana Markovitch, and 21 years ago I was born on the moon, and raised there for a year or two, until I was abandoned on earth, so that I might learn how to live, love, and hate. One day, when death comes calling, I'll once again become the girl on the moon.

My name is Aria Svetlana Markovitch and I was born and raised on the moon.

My name is Aria Svetlana Markovitch and I was born and raised on the moon.

My name is Aria Svetlana Markovitch and I was born and raised on the moon.

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