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The first of a fictional western trilogy
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Thank God for genuine friends who have better things to do than make shitty remarks and trouble. I confess that I don't read blogs unless something is pointed out to me by my WDC family, nor do I make entries as often as I should. The person mentioned above is a constant shit stirrer and an individual of many faces. This person uses others for upgrades and anything else. Talk about a user and a bitch! It's no wonder this person doesn't keep friends. This is a WRITING community, not one for troublemakers. The question is, why does this individual stay here if there's nothing she likes about the site? She needs to concentrate on getting a life and staying the hell out of others' business. Her jealousy shines brighter than anyone I know. She dogs others when she should take a good look at her own fucked up life. So a word to the shit stirrer....GET A FUCKING LIFE and leave those of us who truly love it here alone!!!

On a brighter note, yesterday was my oldest grandson's second birthday. *Balloon1**Gift1**Balloon2**Gift2* He's my pride and joy. *Heart* We gave him a big birthday party with all of the trimmings. *Bigsmile*

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