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Popping in to say hello
April 14, 2008

Just popping in for a sec.  Things here are ok. Life is absolutely crazy and I've been fighting a migraine all day.  Not a good thing because I have too durn much to do this week to be in bed all day.  I've worked through some of it but if it's still around tomorrow, hiding in the dark will be my only choice.

Softball practice/tball practice did occur on Sat...coldly but it happened. Both kids did well, they had fun and can't wait to go back.  Cassy has practice again tomorrow night at 8pm. 8pm!!!! that's like an hour til bedtime...lol...practice will be over, and she'll still need a shower before bed....lol. Still ball season should be cheaper this year because since she moved up a level, her practices and games will be a little later-giving us time to eat at home before it's time to go-something we've really struggled with in the past. Her practices are Tues, Thurs, Sat all through April-don't have a game start date yet.

Jamie has practice on Sat and Sunday and his games start the end of April.  They are across town from hers (two different parks) but with 3 hours between them (mostly) and his games only lasting an hour, we should be ok. SHOULD BE...lol. not holding my breath.

Today Mike had to go to the podiatrist and get an ingrown toenail taken care of.  He normally can take care of them himself, but this one just woudln't come under control.  He's doing ok so far, I hope his shoe doens't hurt him tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to the showers.  Thanks for the love and enouragement of those who commented on my last blog-especially those who lovingly sent me gp's and hugs. Not necessary (the gp's) -but appreciated.

take care of you,
blessings and peace

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