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welcome to my world
June 12, 2008

Wow...what a month it has been since I was last here. First of all I need to that Nada for the reprieve for my upgrade membership until August...it's much appreciated!

Let's see.  What has gone on. I made the dean's list 4 A's one B.  I've entered two poems in a Writer's Digest contest...we'll see what happens.  Cassy got her saxaphone and started band camp on Monday-for an 11 year old who's never touched an instrument other than a recorder she's doing pretty well.  Her ball team is 7-0 and she hit a grand slam at the last game. 

Jamie.  Where to begin. My sweet, loving, happy go lucky little man has been diagnosed with ADHD.  It is really no big surprise...but it saddens me a bit none the less.  I know he still has the potential to be all he is intended to be and that with help we will make it through...but I'm lost at this point, not knowing which way to turn and how to navigate this system I am entering with him.  Tball is over, thank God and was a nightmare.  He will be trying soccer in teh fall..hopefully being able to run around and not being expected to stand in one place will help...an understanding coach who knows what expectations are developmentally appropriate and what is not would be helpful as well.  Jamie starts kindergarten in the fall...he's not academically behind enough to qualify for all day kindergarten...though it is my opinion (and his preschool teacher's) that he needs it.  I guess we'll see what happens.

Me...well I fell on Sunday...long story..and ended up in the ER (via an ambulence no less). My leg is not broken, thankfully..but is still swollen and boy am I colorful.:)  It is getting better and easier to get around..though being on it..or even in a chair for too long...makes the swelling worse. 

Cassy has a friend coming to her game with us and to spend the night...I will take them both to band in the morning and then she'll come back with us for a while to our house until her mom gets done with some errands.  She's a good kid and has spent the night before. 

We've been spending a lot of time at the library and the programs they offer as well as the summer reading program.  I've already read abuot 10 books or so ...which is awesome considering I haven't been able to read much other than textbooks for the last year because of school.

Well, my leg is starting to hurt and Jamie's case manager is due here shortly--this is something his therapist suggested..and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

See you soon.
Blessings and prayers

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