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Who am I, Where am I Going, and Where have I been? The story of my life!
#601736 added August 13, 2008 at 12:58pm
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School is in session
August 13, 2008

At least for my kids it is.  My oldest started middle school today.  Huge building, combining of 3 elementary schools-new teachers except for one...I'm sure she will be fine...she's a good student and a good kid...now I know why she's had such an attitude problem the last couple of weeks...wish she would have told me sooner....I could've understood that.

Jamie, my youngest started kindergarten today.  He's such a happy go lucky kid...makes friend easily, etc....I didn't know until 20 minutes before the bus pulled up that he was scared to death too...fell apart, had a meltdown...I didn't think I was going to get him on the bus.  A call to daddy helped alot.  He wasn't crying about school..he was crying about his shoes hurting, his mouth hurting...etc..and even suggested not going today..that's when I realized what the problem was.  He was much calmer when the bus got here.  I hope the day goes well..but his nerves are fried, the adhd doesn't help...he doesn't like change...they may be in for a day...well half day...I hope not though.  I'm hoping that since he was calm getting on the bus he'll be ok.

I'm doing ok...more worried about them both than anything. I'm crossing my fingers and saying much prayers.

I'll let ya know how it goes...

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