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Yes, it's really me
September 16, 2008

Hello...sorry I've been MIA for so long.  I have no good excuse except life has been busy. 

This time 12 years ago I was somewhat unaware of how much my life was getting ready to change.  I didn't know that in less than an hour my obstetrician would send me directly to the hospital without going home--which was only 5 minutes the other direction.  I didn't know that in less than an hour I would be sitting in a hospital room, waiting to have my water broken and electrodes attached to my unborn child's head.  I didn't know that in a fit of stubbornness that would herald of things to come that child would refuse to be born for  more than 30 hours...8 of them hard labor. 

My oldest child, Cassy will be twelve tomorrow--officially not until 10:45pm, but she we will reach that last year of tweeness and grow closer towards adulthood.

Cassy is a wonderful, intelligent and beautiful girl.  She has a heart filled with compassion.  She is creative and funny and athletic.  Like me, she loves to sing and she loves to read--she also is a bit naive and rather sensitive--just like me.  Like her father she has an odd sense of humor, an unabound strength of character and a desire to help those who need it most--also like her father she is stubborn, strongwilled, perfectionist in tendency and right most of the time. 

She is the child who at 2 1/2 informed her grandfather "gampa, that show is not appwopwiate for me"  and for whom my mother sewed dress after dress becasue that was Cassy's favorite thing to wear at the time.  She learned to read the year before kindergarten, learned to add and subtract too...but still at twelve struggles to spell and write legibly-the latter because she's impatient the former because, as her fourth grade teacher so sisinctly put it, spelling is her achilles heel. 

For years, she wanted a younger sibling--and while I was pregnant she wanted a baby brother-a thing I was greatful for since I didn't think our home could handle two princesses.  She now swears she wanted a little sister and would gladly, most of the time, send her little brother back from where he came. 

Cassy was the best sleeper--other than the first night she came home from the hospital-it didn't matter when I put her down for the night, she'd sleep for 12 hours straight (after about the first 6 months). She took 2 two hour naps for the first 2 years of life and only changed it when I started working and daycare only allowed them to nap once a day.  She still likes to sleep and man can you tell it if she doesn't get much sleep.

She's also been the most dramatic...and thinking ten years ahead when she wasthree I knew I was in trouble--between the attitude and the agility of mind she had.....let alone the vocabulary.  But most of all I remember the smile she had-one I don't get very often without  some other look or attitude behind it.  That makes me a little sad.

But mostly, we have a great young woman with a smart brain, a great voice, who loves and is loved.  I just have to keep reminding myself, on a daily basis, of what a good kid she really is...and she might live to survive the next 6-8 years.
Happy Birthday Sis!


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