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What is it about bad news
October 10, 2008

What is it about bad news that makes everyone else want to be the first to tell you?  Several of the older elementary school kids that live in the building next to us get off on the other side of the complex and cut across the playground.  It's actually a faster trip than the bus makes, so I understand why.  But Jamie's not old enough to do that--not old enough to get off the bus without an adult there...and so I have to wait for the bus to make it's slow way around the complex.  Today while I was waiting and talking to one of my neighbors, one of those kids( a 4th grader Jamie regularly plays outside with) came running across the park...to inform me that the bus driver wanted to talk to me and tell me about something Jamie had done on the bus.  I just looked at him and told him that then if she had something to tell me, she would....and ignored him...I get that Jamie did something...but I don't need to hear about it through the rumor mill.

So when the bus pulled up I was the first parent at the door.  The bus driver actually got out of her seat and climbed down the steps...oh Lordy--just great...we've not had ANY trouble so far this year, but I've rather been waiting for the other shoe to drop because you are placing a highly impulsive 5 year old boy on the bus with little to no supervision...something is going to happen.  But I digress.

She informed me that he had flipped off the entire bus. I looked at her dumbfounded.  Jamie doesn't have a clue what it would mean if he did..and it's not something he sees around here...so it's something he's had to pick up from an older kid.  I told her he didn't know...and that I would talk to him about it.  She, well meaning, leans down to talk to him about it herself...tells him that's not a nice thing to do and that he shouldn't ever do it again, and my sweet, impulsive, and VERY sensitive little guy bursts into tears.  I just got him calmed down and he's been in the house 40 minutes.

Apparently he was sitting with 2 older boys (one of them the lovely child that wanted to be the first to tell me) and the other boy told him to shut up...he has a tendency to yawn very loudly...and he was, apparently annoying them.  Jamie says he wanted to tell them how old he was, and the one boy held up four fingers on one hand at Jamie--(in my opinion to flip Jamie off without flipping him off)--and Jamie held up his middle finger at him...and the other boy. 

He's only 5, he has ADHD-impulsivity and hyperactivity.  He's only doing what he's seen SOMEWHERE--and it wasn't here.  (Though will I readily admit that if he'd said GD or SOB, I'd have to take credit.:) 

Anyway, I'm very upset about it all....and so is he.  We will see what daddy has to say.

Cassy is getting ready to leave for a weekend youth retreat...I think Jamie needs some extra loving on this weekend.

sending hugs

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