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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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Rhzvanzin the Dragon Child
Rhzvanzin just avoided the attack.

The black blur shot past him before it turned itself around and returned for him. He knew that the only way he would make it back was by using his superior dexterity. He ran towards the trees and swerved behind one as the blur shot past again. The blur turned to follow Rhzvanzin through the trees doing its best to make the sharp turns but nearly hit several trees. Rhzvanzin ran straight for a big tree the blur gaining on him fast now that he had stopped swerving so much. Rhzvanzin jumped onto then off the tree leaping clear over the blur’s head and laughing as he heard it collide with the tree.

Rhzvanzin ran as fast as he could for he knew the blur would not stay down for long. Then he saw his target a large rock with his friends standing on it calling out encouragingly, Rhzvanzin ran for it as fast as he could. The trees behind Rhzvanzin exploded as the blur tore through them and turned to follow Rhzvanzin again. Rhzvanzin ran towards the rock as fast as he could, he knew it would be close.

Rhzvanzin leapt through the air touching the rock and shouted, “BASE!” just as the blur slammed into him.

The blur resolved itself as a young dragon that crowed, “Ha! Now your it!”

“Nu-uh!” one of the dragons on the rock shouted back, “He touched the base before you tagged him.”

“Yeah!” Rhzvanzin said as he got back onto all fours and shook himself, “I touched the base first!”

“Did not,” the 'it' dragon shouted back.

“Did to!” all the dragons on the rock shouted back.

The 'it' dragon was about to shout something when he noticed another young dragon sneaking towards the rock. The it dragon charged the new dragon and the new dragon turned and ran with a low whine. The 'it' dragon managed to catch the new dragon before he got to far away.

“Ha! Now Zahanort is it! No debating that!” the 'it' dragon crowed.

“I hear you Drazealite,” Zahanort muttered as he walked to the rock, “I’ll start counting.”

“Make sure you don’t peak this time Zahanort!” Rhzvanzin shouted as he looked for a place to hide
“Fine, fine.” Zahanort said with a smile.

Just as Zahanort covered his eyes with his wings when another young dragon called out, “Their back! They’re back! And they brought food!”

All the young dragons and Rhzvanzin left off their game and quickly ran to where the older dragons where landing. They each raced up to their own mothers and/or fathers for what they had brought them from the hunt. Sivarria had brought Rhzvanzin one of his favorite meals, venison. He waited for his mother to burn off the fur watching the dancing flames cook the buck to perfection. As soon as all the fur had been burned off Rhzvanzin jumped onto the carcass and began to tear at it with his teeth. When he finished licking the blood off his jaws and nails he licked his mother appreciatively on the cheek before racing off to play with his friends some more.

Sivarria sighed as she watched Rhzvanzin run off towards his friends.

He had changed so much in so many ways since she had found him nearly twenty-two winters ago, she hardly recognized him now. He had grown from weak and tiny to being just under the average size of a dragon his age. His skin had hardened to be as tough as a dragon’s scaly hide from his constant play. While he was not the strongest or fastest youngling, he was able to beat a fair number of his fellow younglings in a fight.

While he had not grown wings he could certainly jump higher then any dragon of any age could. His human smell had all but left him in been replaced by the smell of the dragons around him giving him his own unique smell. She noticed that his claws, while still thin, had grown long and sharp which pleased her greatly, every youngling need some sort of claws. Sometimes she forgot he was really a human she that she had adopted all those winters ago and saw him as her strange little youngling.

His fellow younglings did not even see him as a different species from them; they seemed to think he was an unusual dragon. They had heard of many strange dragons being born such as dragons with two heads, far as they where concerned, he was just another unusual birth. Despite this they did not mock him or treat him differently, in fact he was one of the most popular younglings in the whole clan.

She smiled encouragingly as he managed to win the game of hide and seek he was playing when the youngling that was 'it' had been right next to the base. She chuckled as the youngling squawked in surprise before it smiled and jumped on him. Rhzvanzin yelped in surprise and rolled the dragon onto its back now on top and the two began to wrestle.

Sivarria use to be uncomfortable when Rhzvanzin rough housed like this when he was young and had always came out of it bleeding and bruised. However, all of her ordering him not to only made him do it more, causing more injuries for her to worry over. As he continued to fight, his skin got tougher and soon the younglings rarely hurt him unintentionally nowadays.

Sivarria continued to watch him play for a while before she got up and walked back into her cavern to curl up and rest off her meal. She hopped she never had to tell Rhzvanzin he was human, it would break his poor little heart.


“You can not deny it any longer!” Albervork shouted at Zasvron, “There can be no question that the child you have been letting Sivarria raise is indeed a human! If you won’t get rid of him I will!”

“Calm yourself Albervork,” Zasvron said calmly nibbling of the carcass of a moose that had been brought to her, “there are still many things that will make the others question if he really is a human or not. He is not the same color as one, he has claws, he is too fast and strong to be one, and he lacks the humans’ randomness and knack for violence.

"However," Zasvron said holding up a talon to silence Albervork's coming retort, "you are right that he is indeed a human and I plan to remove him from the clan. Nevertheless, just flat out killing him would cause an uproar from the clan; he has become very popular among adults and younglings alike. I have a plan that will turn the hostilities caused by his death toward our greatest enemy.”

“Oh, and what would this be?” Albervork asked.

“I plan on taking him on tomorrow’s hunt and taking him near a human settlement." Zasvron said, "I will tell him to hunt in the direction of the settlement and say that you and me will be hunting the other directions around the area. When he hunts the prey in the settlement, he will be attacked and killed by the humans. When we report his death, the entire clan will want to avenge him and give him a dragon’s funeral. We will attack in the direction of another large human settlement. The humans will see their ruined settlement and tracks coming from the other human settlement. As a result, the two clans will fight each other weakening themselves and allowing us to finish off the survivors. This will leave us with out any nearby human clans for a long time allowing us to hunt further and grow bigger. Eventually we will be able to take any human clan that comes to near us out.”

“A great plan if it works,” Albervork smiled before he became angry again, “but if the human lad finds prey to kill before he gets to the human settlement the whole plan will be ruined.”

Zasvron smiled as she said, “No because he will want to prove worthy of our privileging him to join us on the hunt at such a young age and go for something big. The humans make sure that the only big prey near them is in their settlement, so he will enter the settlement attack one of the human’s prey beast and be killed by them for it. If we’re lucky he might even kill a few humans before they kill him.”

Albervork hissed in pleasure at the idea and said, “I must say I am quiet impressed by this plan of yours. It is even craftier than your usual plans.”

“Well I’ve had nearly twenty two winters to think about it haven’t I.” Zasvron said giving Albervork a wicked smile.

Albervork smiled as Zasvron whispered to him exactly what they where to do and say tomorrow and Albervork's toothy grin grew larger and larger as he listened.
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