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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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Moarning and Plans
Sivarria could hardly bare the news; humans had killed her son when the clan-lords had taken him for a hunt. She stood unmoving for several seconds before walking to her cave and curled up around her old pile of scales, the place that had served as Rhzvanzin’s bed for the past twenty-two winters. She lay her head next to the depression that Rhzvanzin’s body had made over the years.

She lay there through the night and for the rest of the next day she simply lay there crying and occasionally moaning in sadness. It was the most painful moments of her life, more painful than when her real children had died under the cave-in. At least then, she had been able to hold her children while they died of their wounds, but with Rhzvanzin, she had not even a body the cry over. She had nothing but happy memories.

As night of the second day passed, Sivarria suddenly raised her head in realization. She had seen humans behave around other humans in the manner that the clan-lords said that Rhzvanzin had. Humans did not kill their own who acted in such a way. They simply locked them up in their strange lairs to keep them from hurting others.

If Sivarria found the human settlement that had taken Rhzvanzin, she might find her son. If he was still alive, she would fight her way through the settlement and take her son home. If she found a body, she swore there would be nothing left of the settlement and she would give her son the dragon’s funeral he deserved.

Sivarria made sure that no one was outside of their lairs and seeing no one was she took wing and flew off in the direction the clan-lords had claimed they had gone to hunt. Sivarria soon arrived at a human settlement that was about the size of the one the two clan-lords had described. Sivarria crouched down and watched the settlement intently, at the moment nothing moved, but she could wait. If she did not see her son here for three days, she would search the human graveyard. If she smelled her son there and found his body, she would take her revenge.

If she did not find him here, she would move to the next settlement until she found her son, dead or alive. There was not enough humans in the world to stop her in her search.


Zahanort was woken by someone nudging him, he rolled over and groaned and heard someone hush him quickly. Zahanort’s eyes popped open and he saw Drazealite standing over him looking nervous.

“Drazealite wha-?” Zahanort started to ask before Drazealite hastily quieted him.

Drazealite motioned for Zahanort to be quiet and to follow him. Zahanort agreed and followed behind his friend until they where both well out of the lair-system. Finally, Zahanort could not wait any longer and finally asked, “What are we doing?”

Drazealite looked back and forth to make sure no one was near them before answering, “We’re going to go find Rhzvanzin.”

“But he’s dead!” Zahanort said still saddened by the news that had come two days ago.

“I don’t believe it," Drazealite said snorting angrily, "No way would a single settlement of humans bring down Rhzvanzin. I think he’s only been captured.”

“But why would the clan-lords lie?” Zahanort asked surprised.

“Maybe they just saw things wrong," Drazealite shrugged, "but I’m telling you there is no way a bunch of humans killed Rhzvanzin.”

“Well what are we going to do?” Zahanort asked meekly.

“We go and find him of course!” Drazealite said rolling his eyes like it was obvious.

“But how are we going to get away from the clan hold? We can hardly fly and the grown ups will find us easily!” Zahanort stammered hoping to deter his friend.

“If we walk out they won’t be able to find us because the forest will hide us," Drazealite said smiling at his genius, "We are two of the best hide and seek players there are they'll never find us.”

“But I’m awful at that game!" Zahanort whined, "I’m always caught!”

“You just can’t sneak around," Drazealite said off handedly, "but you’re impossible to find if you just hide.”

“Well ok, but if we get in trouble for this…” Zahanort started.

“I’ll say I forced you to go with me, don’t worry I have everything planned out.” Drazealite said smiling.

“Ok let’s go.” Zahanort sighed, he had to make sure Drazealite didn't go and get himself killed.


The two clan-lords where laughing as the sat together in their private cavern and toasting to each other.

“Your plan is shaping up nicely.” Albervork said as he lay down, “The clan is already starting to burn with rage.”

“Yes I’d saw another week or two and we can move onto the next phase.” Zasvron smiled taking a sip of her drink.

Albervork suddenly spit out what he was drinking and glared at Zasvron before roaring, “TWO WEEKS!?! WHY WAIT THAT LONG!?!”

Zasvron simply glanced at him and calmly said, “True that right now tensions are high, but they are going to get higher. After a few fools go off to try to bring back the boy’s body and do not come back for a few days, then we shall rally our clan and have them descend on the human settlement and slaughter every last human to find the brat’s body. Once they leave with the body, we will stay behind, wipe away every dragon footprint, and use a human’s corpse to make lots of human tracks leading to another human settlement. This should get the humans fighting enough for us to finish them off.”

“Ah as crafty as ever I see.” Albervork chuckled calming down.

“Indeed I am.” Zasvron smiled taking another sip of her drink.

“How lucky I am to have you for a wife.” Albervork chuckled.

"Indeed you are," Zasvron snorted
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