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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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Rhzvanzin was getting bored with the cave the strange dragons had provided for him. He had managed to learn much of their language and even to walk as they did, though only for a little while. Still none of these dragons ever wanted to play or do anything but prod things with sticks. Rhzvanzin was planning to leave soon even if he did not know the way back home. However, at the moment he had other things to worry about.

“Rhzvanzin!” Sara shouted at him exasperated, “You broke another shirt! That is the fifth one this week! What am I going to do with you?”

Before she had a chance to say anything else, Rhzvanzin cocked his ear and his eyes went wide. Rhzvanzin suddenly threw himself into one of the walls causing it to bend outwards. Before Sara had a chance to react, Rhzvanzin slammed himself into the wall again and the wall collapsed. Rhzvanzin leapt out the hole and then jumped onto the top of a building before he paused and cocked his ear again.

He heard a man call out, “Yes I am in search of dragons to **** and I will recruit anyone willing to join me on my quest!”

Rhzvanzin headed off in the direction of the voice and soon found one of the strange dragons with dozens more following behind him. He noticed the lead dragon was sitting on a horse, which seemed very strange to Rhzvanzin. He watch from his rooftop as a few more dragons fell in line behind the mounted dragon.

The dragon on the horse seemed disappointed and called, “Is this all that will help me on my quest to **** some dragons?”

Rhzvanzin figure that **** meant something like meet or find, so he figured his goal and this dragon’s goal was the some. If he was lucky, they would even find his home clan.
As the wind shifted, the horse with the strange dragon was sitting on got a good whiff of Rhzvanzin and the horse started to panic. The strange dragon held onto his horse trying to calm it down. Rhzvanzin resisted his predatory urges to attack the panicked horse because these dragons did not seem to take killing horses that well.

Rhzvanzin leapt off the building and landed next to the dragon on the horse, the horse panicked and managed to toss the dragon off of its back. Rhzvanzin got up on two legs, caught the strange dragon in his arms, and set him down. The dragon seemed agitated and pointed at the fleeing horse.

“Get my horse!” the strange dragon shouted.

Rhzvanzin leapt through the air at a low arc and hit the horse on its side causing the beast to stumble and fall. Rhzvanzin once again resisted the urge to slaughter the beast and only held it down, trying his best not to cut the beast with his claws. Several of the other dragons finally caught up and calmed the beast down enough to be let up and lead back to its rider, though it still glanced nervously behind it at Rhzvanzin.

When the strange dragon was back on its horse it looked down at Rhzvanzin and said, “Thank you sir, you saved me from a nasty fall and saved me the trouble of having to chase down my very expensive warhorse. Is their anything I can do to repay you?”

“Take me to dragons,” Rhzvanzin managed to say in the language of the strange dragons the best he could.

“Are you sure sir?” the mounted dragon asked, “It will likely be very dangerous.”

“Not be dangerous," Rhzvanzin said shaking his head, "I know dragons.”

“Well if you’re sure…” the mounted dragon said uncertainly.

Rhzvanzin turned as he heard Sara shout, “Rhzvanzin!!!”


Sara had organized several search parties to go out and search for Rhzvanzin hoping to catch him before he escaped back into the forest and was lost. In her group where all the men most likely to be able to bring down the wild child. As well as herself James, Josh, and Henry, where several other large men who had seen Rhzvanzin in action. While this force would probably not be able to kill or even knock out Rhzvanzin in a fight, Sara hopped it would deter him if it came to that.

Sara turned onto the village’s main street when she spotted Rhzvanzin standing next to a mounted figure. Sara was surprised that Rhzvanzin had not killed and eaten the man’s horse yet, but was even more surprised that he seemed to be talking to the man.

“Rhzvanzin!” Sara shouted.

Her shout made Rhzvanzin turn to look at her but he did nothing else.

“Rhzvanzin come here!” Sara said in a firm voice.

Rhzvanzin’s face darkened as he said, quiet firmly, “No.”

“Do you know this man?” the mounted figure asked Sara.

“Yes I do,” Sara said before asking the man, “and who are you?”

“I am a proven knight out to try and gather an army to help me slay some dragons," the man said proudly, "I came to this town hoping to enlist some men to aid me when my horse took fright and threw me off. This man,... what did you say his name was?”

“Rhzvanzin.” Sara said glaring at Rhzvanzin.

“Ah Rhzvanzin here caught me before I could hit the ground and caught my horse before it could get very far," the knight said, "He has just asked to come with me on my quest as repayment for what he has done for me.”

“He has?” Sara asked surprised.

“Yes he seems quiet eager to slay some dragons.” the knight said.

Sara looked at Rhzvanzin and he gave his strange serpentine nod as if confirming what the knight said.

“You won’t come back to the prison even if we force you to will you?” Sara asked Rhzvanzin.

Rhzvanzin shook his head slowly and glared at Sara as if daring her to say otherwise.

“Prison?” the knight asked, “This lad escaped from prison? He seems perfectly kind and decent when I talked to him just seconds ago. What crimes did he commit?”

“He killed half of the force in this village,” Sara said, “He did so after killing two of our best horses. He did it all without using any weapon other than his fist, nails, and teeth.”

“Why did he do this?!” the knight asked appalled and several of the men with him looking nervously at Rhzvanzin.

“We believe he is a wild child and killed the horses for food," Sara said to the knight still glaring at Rhzvanzin, "He probably killed the men trying to keep them from his kills. We think he doesn’t realize just how strong he is because he’s nearly killed several men in what seems to be play.”

“Well if he comes with me it sounds as though he will be nothing but an aid to my quest," the knight said smiling down on Rhzvanzin, "He will keep my men on their toes and if he is as powerful as you say he will be useful when slaying dragons. I will make him my responsibility and take care of all legal matters when we attend an audience with the duke.”

“Audience with the duke?” Sara asked trying to imagine Rhzvanzin in such a situation.

“Yes I will need his permission to take this many men out to deal with the dragon problem that seems to have started recently.” The knight said.

“What dragon problems?!?” Sara demanded having heard nothing of such problems.

“Haven’t you heard?" the knight asked surprised, "A massive red dragon has been sighted at two different villages. They don’t know what it wants but it always stays for several days. On the night, it leaves it shifts through the graveyards just outside the town. Though the dragon has yet to take anything or harmed anyone, but it’s just a matter of time before it attacks.”

Sara absorbed everything that seemed to be happening. Rhzvanzin had just broken out of jail to go hunt dragons with a knight that just happened to be passing through town. The knight would take Rhzvanzin and his other soldiers before the duke and then take his men to die facing a dragon that was searching for something.

She knew that with all certainty that Rhzvanzin was ages away from being able to be presented before duke. If left alone with the knight he would undoubtedly kill someone on accident and be set upon by the knight and his men. She knew that she and several watchmen would have to watch Rhzvanzin and keep him in check.

“Fine, but if he goes so do we,” Sara said before turning to one of her men and telling him, “private, tell Sergeant Sorrel that he is the acting leader in my absence. James, Josh, Henry, and myself will be following Rhzvanzin to make sure he dose not cause too much trouble.”

“Yes mam!” the private said before he turned and ran back to the prison.

Sara turned back to the knight and said, “It seems that we will also be joining your little group.”

Rhzvanzin and the knight both smiled at the news, it seemed that Rhzvanzin had taken a liking to Sara.

“Splendid!” the knight said happily, “The more the merrier. Let’s be off now shall we?”

The knight turned his horse and walked it off at a slow trot. The knight’s men followed close behind with Rhzvanzin keeping right on the horse’s heels causing the beast to keep trying and move faster. Sara watched from the middle of the line with worry, they had not even left town yet and Rhzvanzin had already started causing minor problems for the knight and his group.
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