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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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Leatherhides and Dragons
“Drazealite I think we’re lost!” Zahanort whispered to his friend.

“Where not lost the forest just looks the same after you’ve been in it awhile.” Drazealite said with less assurance than when he said it an hour.
“No where lost. Look that’s the same tree I sneezed on when the ferns tickled my nose.” Zahanort pointing to a slightly charred tree.

“No its not I’m sure there’s just another dragon around here somewhere.” Drazealite said.

“Well I’m still hungry!” Zahanort complained.

“We’ll find something to eat in the next clearing.” Drazealite said.

“Shh!” Zahanort suddenly said, “I hear something!”

Both of the young dragons scurried under a thick bush and waited to see what was crashing through the bushes. A large buck leapt over the bush and jerked in the air. When it hit the big buck was already dead with a stick sticking out of it. The two young dragons huddled together as they waited for whatever killed the buck to enter the small clearing.
They saw something with thick leathery hide holding something that looked like a curved talon. It moved up close to the buck and made a whistling sound. The creature gave off a horrible scent that was vaguely familiar to both of the young dragons.

“IT’S A LEATHERHIDE!” Zahanort screeched as he leapt into the air trying to fly and failing.

The Leatherhide screeched as the young dragon burst from the bushes flapping its wings. It took a hasty shot that went wide before it turned and ran back into the woods. With a sharp cry, it tripped on a root and dropped its weapon before getting up and running further into the woods.

The two dragons just sat there stunned for a moment before they noticed that the monster had left its kill behind. After looking at each other for a moment, they tore into the buck carcass with vigor. When they finally came up for breath, they both realized something.

“Hey!” Drazealite said, “If humans live in groups and humans captured Rhzvanzin, maybe if we follow that human it will lead us to Rhzvanzin!”

“I was thinking the same thing!” Zahanort said as he swallowed a chunk of the buck.

The two young dragons quickly followed the retreating leatherhide. Every time the beast looked back over its shoulder, it would see two dragons quickly hide themselves. It continued to run until it reached a clearing with a strange object in the middle of it. The leatherhide ran to the object and set fire to some nearby twigs.

Zahanort and Drazealite waited in the bushes for the leatherhide to continue moving, but the leatherhide remained near the fire it had started. It drew a small shining talon and scanned the forest nervously.

“I think it knows we followed it,” Zahanort whispered.

“Yes, but not where we are,” Drazealite whispered back smiling.

The leatherhide jerked to look at the area near the dragons thinking he had heard hissing sounds from that direction. When nothing revealed itself, he continued to scan the whole of the forest for the dragons that seemed to be hunting him. The leatherhide got no sleep that night, it continued to search for the dragons never daring to fall asleep afraid the dragons would eat him.
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