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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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Rhzvanzin's fate
Sivarria was gasping for breath as she saw Ablervork finally fall and recieve death's scyth but knew her job wasn't done yet, she still had to kill Zasvron. Staggering a bit Sivarria turned and glared up at where the rest of the clan was gathered and roared out her challenge.

"Zasvron you coward! Face me now!" Sivarria shouted trying to keep both her eyes open as she searched for Zasvron among the crowd.

"Forget that!" Zasvron shouted back, "You have killed a clan-lord and your punishment is death! Boulder Fall Clan! Kill the traitor!"

A few of the clan members figited a bit but none moved to attack either Zasvron or Sivarria. Zasvron's eyes widened in fear as she realized what was happening, she had lost control of the clan. Her well laid plot had back fired because of the damned unreliability of humans and the damned persistance of Rhzvanzin.

Zasvron growled as she took to the sky and growled, "Fine you can have my clan but I will return to destroy you trator! I shall avenge my husbands death!"

Sivarria stayed strong as she watched Zasvron flying away before collapsing as soon as she flew out of sight. Sivarria struggled to stay awake knowing that she might die if she fell asleep and low crawled over to where Rhzvanzin was laying. Rhzvanzin didn't seem to be moving at first but she saw that he was still breathing weakly still clinging to life.

Sivarria turned to the clan and said with as much poise as she could muster, "By trail by combat I have claimed the title of clan lord are there any who would dispute this claim?"

The clan remained silent and Sivarria said, "Then as my first act as a clan lord I order five of you to search the woods in the imediate area and bring me the humans. I am going to make them heal our beloved Rhzvanzin or die trying. Go!"


Sara saw several of the dragons start flying her way after the dragon she had saved had hissed something to the other dragons. Sara told Henry to run and grabbed hold of the girl to keep her from doing the same even though the girl squealed in fear.

"Listen whoever you are," Sara started.

"My name is Mira now let me go!" the girl cryied trying to pull free of Sara's grasp.

"Well Mira those dragons look like they're coming for us and I don't know why," Sara said keeping her hold on Mira easily, "What I do know is that you know how to speak their language and I would like some translations of whatever they say to me understand?"

Mira gulped but still tried to pull away as one of the dragon swooped down and scooped them up in its claws. The dragon carried them carefully to the dragon that she had saved and the dragon hissed something at them and Sara looked at Mira for a translation.

"Her name is Sivarria," Mira said looking like she would rather be anywhere else in the world at the moment, "And she wants us to do something to her son."

"What does she want us to do?" Sara asked.

"I don't know," Mira whimpered, "I don't know their language that well!"

"Well ask who her son is," Sara said watching the towering body of Sivarria nervously.

Mira made some of the hissing noises similar to the dragons and Sivarria turned to look at Rhzvanzin's crumpled form and hissed, "Rhzvanzin."

Sara knew their was only one thing that Sivarria could want her to do, she was to heal Rhzvanzin or she would probably be killed. Sara nodded once and slowly walked over to Rhzvanzin and checked him for broken bones and other injuries. She was surprised to find that not only had his bones not been reduced to powder but only a few of them were broken. He seemed to be bleeding from various wounds covering his body but none of them seemed like they would be life threatening once bandaged. Once again Sara found herself absolutly amazed at the resiliance of Rhzvanzin, he had been attacked by a massive dragon and gotten nothing more serious than a broken rib and a few bumps to the head.

Sara quickly bandaged up Rhzvanzin using a roll of cloth she always carried and got to work on setting his bones as well as she could. Sara could feel the hot breath of Sivarria blowing over her as she worked and prayed that she was as kind to all humans as she seemed to be towards Rhzvanzin. Sara finished up and told Mira to let Sivarria know that that was all she could do and that the rest was up to time.

Sivarria grunted when told this and hissed something which Mira told her was, "We aren't leaving until Rhzvanzin is all better."

Sara nodded slightly and knew that to try and run would be suicide and humbly accepted the fact she had been chained to Rhzvanzin. Mira didn't seem to like this news any better as she looked nervously over at the two young dragons that had dragged her here. She seemed to be looking mainly at the smaller of the two.


The place where the army once stood now lay empty save for the bodies of the fallen who had been left by the survivors to distract the clan of dragons they had seen flying overhead. The members of the army had returned to their homes giving the quest up as hopeless after being beaten by a demon that the dragons seemed to hold in thrall. The only thing on the trail that moved other than the ravens was the body of James and Josh as they started to regain consiousness.

"James?" Josh muttered weakly, "Are you there?"

"Yeah I'm here," James said sitting up, "though I seem to be the only one here other than you."

"Where could Sara and Henry be?" Josh asked flinching as he felt some of his charred skin fall away, "Did Rhzvanzin kill them to?"

"I don't see their corpses," James said, "Though it looks like he killed everyone but them."

"We knew that the kid was tough but this is a bit more than we expected," Josh chuckled but grimacing as he managed to sit up himself, "Your certainly a fright though."

"You have no room to talk," James chuckled as well.

It was true that niether of them where looking very good at the moment having had all of their hair burned off and most of their flesh charred and burned. Josh seemed to have taken the worse of it though, in some places his bones shown in pale contrast to his charred skin. Niether looked all that great to begin with and they didn't look any better now that one of James's eyes had melted and Josh had several fingers missing. Not to mention the lack of clothes didn't help their image much.

"So what do you think we should do?" Josh asked sobering up, "The army is beaten and Rhzvanzin is on the loose."

"We best tell the duke so he can take preventive measures and be ready for any attacks," James said, "Rhzvanzin might have only been a scout sent in to see the cities defenses before an attack so who knows what might happen."

"Well I don't feel like I can make it to the duke's in my condition," Josh said, "You'll have to go on without me."

"Well I certainly can't make it alone," James said, "We're going to need each other's help to make it."

Josh nodded and using the other as a prop both James and Josh managed to climb to their feet and start towards the city moaning softly with each step.


Sara was changing Rhzvanzin's bandages under the watchful eye of Sivarria and examined what she saw.

Rhzvanzin's flesh wounds had stopped bleeding and his bruises where begining to fade at last which was a relief to everyone. While Rhzvanzin had recieved some injuries from his fight with the large dragon Sara had learned was named Albervork, it seemed his only life threatening injury had been his scales. When they had emerged they had removed a large amount of flesh and continued to bleed afterwards, if he hadn't been treated he might of died in a few hours from blood loss.

Sara wiped her brow as she finished tieing on fresh bandages and stood up to get ready to feed Rhzvanzin again. She had been pouring brooth and water down his throat three times a day to help him with his recovery but thinking about how much Rhzvanzin ate it might not be enough.

Suddenly Rhzvanzin stirred and sat up blinking in the sunlight looking around not seeming to recognize anyone at first until Sivarria purred, "Rhzvanzin!"

Rhzvanzin hissed something in return and tried to get up but stopped when he felt the pain in his chest. Rhzvanzin lay back down and looked around smiling as he saw Drazealite and Zahanort run over to him but they stopped with a glare from Sivarria. Rhzvanzin continued to look around and hissed something to Sivarria and Sivarria answered.

Sara looked around for Mira and soon found her standing next to Zahanort and whispered, "What they say?"

"Rhzvanzin wanted to know what happened to Albervork," Mira said, "Sivarria told him that he is dead and had been given a dragon's funeral."

Sara remembered that moment well, the dragons had carved out a massive pit in the rocky ground big enough to fit the massive dragon's body before they had all as one blown fire over the corpse. This had continued until even the bones collapsed into dust and the dragon's filled the hole and marked it with a rock with a strange carving on it. Sara had been wondering what that was and had assumed it was a funeral unable to think of anything else it could be.

Rhzvanzin hissed something else and Mira translated, "He wants to know what his and our fate is to be since we are all humans and that clan law is to kill all humans on sight."

Sara gulped nervously as she looked for a way out since chances were that while Rhzvanzin would be alowed to live, they wouldn't.

"She says that Rhzvanzin is allowed to stay," Mira said sighing.

"Then why did you sigh?" Sara asked confused, "That sounds like a good thing."

"Because of what else she said," Mira sighed, "You are coming along as well to be a human emissary and I'm to come along to be your translator. And I really can't say I much care for most dragons."

As she said this the dragon Zahanort came up to Mira and happily nuzzled her hissing something in his language and Mira smiled breifly before returning her face to her blank slate. Sara smiled thinking that it seemed that while Mira didn't much care for most dragons she like Zahanort and he liked her.

"So what now?" Sara asked Rhzvanzin.

"Now we go home," Rhzvanzin said smiling as Sivarria gentally picked him up in her mouth and took to the air.

Sara yelped as another dragon did likewise to her and Mira while two diffrent ones picked up Zahanort and Drazealite. Sara looked down at the land rushing by benieth her falling further and further away and gulped but didn't stop because she didn't feel much like looking down the throut of a dragon.
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