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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
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"Lord Duke," one of the guards said walking into the courtroom, "Two vagabonds have arrived at the gates and are demanding an audiance with you."

"Why are you bothering me with this," The duke asked glarring at the guard, "Send them away."

"Sir they are claiming to be from the knight's army and are being very persistant," the guard said.

"Fine send them in but do it quickly," the duke said, "I don't want to waste anymore of my valuable time than neccissary on these two."

The guard bowed and left the throne room and the duke waited impatiently for several minutes for the vagabonds to arrive. Finally the two limped into sight using each other to support themselves and as they limped into the light the courtroom gasped and a few fainted.

The two vagabonds were next to naked wearing only a chainmail vest that seemed to have melted a bit and leather bracers that looked like they had been dropped into a fire. The two vagabonds themselves weren't much to look at either. Neither had any hair anywhere on their bodies and were coated with burns some of which had been sever enough to expose bone. A few bits of skin clung to the vagabonds and there feet dripped blood from having walked so long without shoes.

"What are your names?" the duke asked seeming unconcerned with the damage that coated the vagabonds.

"James and Josh," one of the vagabonds gasped, "We were members of a small town's watch before we joined the late knight's army."

"So you claim to be from the knight's army," the duke said resting his head in one hand, "How did you come to be like this?"

"We had just reached the woods on the second day's march from town," James said, "when a dragon swooped down from the sky and shouted the name of the wild child."

"So the dragon that destroyed the child's home attacked you and left the army devestated?" the duke asked raising an eyebrow.

"No," Josh said, "we attacked the dragon and it fled before we could even close to melee distance, it was Rhzvanzin that destroyed the army."

"You expect me to believe a wild child that showed every sign of loyalty to us attacked and killed over a hundred men single handedly?" the duke said, "If you don't give me a more believable theory than that I'll throw you out now."

"The man isn't human," James said, "When we attacked the dragon he turned blood red, scales burst from his back and chest, and silver claws formed around his fingers. He roared something at the army and spat a wall of fire at us consuming the army in it. We used our shields to try and protect our captain but the fire burned through our shields and we were enveloped in the flames as well. When we woke up we were alone in a sea of burnt and rended bodies among which was the knight his armor torn open. We have spent the past several days walking here to let you know and make peperations."

"I thank you for this information," the duke said, "Now come closer and I will give you your rewards."

James and Josh limped forward and the duke suddenly pulled out his bastard sword and ran James through. Josh feel over and started trying to crawl away and cried, "Why!?! Why are you doing this!?!"

The duke leveled his open palm at Josh and said, "You failed me, this is your reward."

Josh's head suddenly exploded and his body feel to the ground and the duke sniffed before saying, "Never send a knight to do a duke's job, it looks like I will have to hunt those dragons myself. I might not have the king's backing but I do have my own army to kill those bastards. After all, I did promise my brother to avenge him after he fell to the beast. Though why they call him a saint I'll never know."
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