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Looks like I will be leaving
Novemeber 9th, 2008

As much as I hate to have it happen, it looks like I will be closing out my blog here over the next week...and lowering my portfolio....I can't afford the upgrade right now and it runs out on the 15th.  I've requested help from RAOK but it's no guarantee.  I don't have time to earn the gp's until Christmas vacaction--I have 5 papers due in the next month, one of them 8-10 pages, one of the 12-15 pages, the othes are minimal comparatively speaking....as well as a final exam and a few other tests, quizzes etc.  Once Christmas vacation gets here I can rate and review, enter some contests etc...but I just can't take the time right now and money is extremely tight.

I guess I'm going to start a free blog somewhere..but I'm not sure about it...I don't know how or where I will...and I'm not sure I feel as safe...I will have to check into it all....and spend some time trying to remove some of the stuff from my port that won't fit.

I've enjoyed spending time with ya'll...and will still come and visit and check in your blogs...but I can't assume I'll get the upgrade and then lose everything.

It's been great...I'll be back before Sat to let y'all know what I'm doing.

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