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A Fantasy Novel about the world of Valerys
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      When he started out on this hunting expedition he had hoped to get a mountain ram, and what he ended up with was an old scrawny man.

      Alone on the Kishu mountain he had been watching the sunset coloring the peaks of the mountains different shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red. A mist was layering the valley below and flowers were blooming all around him. Geoff was a big man, standing six foot three. He weighed two hundred twenty five pounds of lean rock hard muscle from climbing the mountain hills all his life. He sported dark black naturally curly shoulder length hair, steel grey eyes that could melt a ladies heart, or pierce an enemies. Geoff was also proud owner of a Unicorn marked sword earned from thousands of hours of practicing with his father. Only the finest swordsmen had the right to wield a Unicorn marked sword. Rubies and emeralds studded into a golden hilt, a pair of matching unicorns engraved on both sides of an unbreakable blade that never needed sharpening made this a sword that was recognized by most good swordsmen. Unicorn marked swords were forged with magic as well as hammers.

    Blending in with the flowers he was nestled into a hollow watching the path below . Hunting here in the solitude of the mountain there had been no sound except the chirping of birds. As skilled a hunter as Geoff was he could sense something coming towards him. Birds would fly up from time to time showing him the path it was taking as it neared .

    The closer it got Geoff could tell it was an old man. The last thing in the world he expected to see was another man. Other than Dirk his trapping partner, no other man had been this high on the mountain in over a year. Scrunching down further in the blooms of the flowers and underbrush he thought it doubtful that the old man would see him.

    As the old man neared Geoff could tell he was all tuckered out. He was weaving from side to side and seemingly ready to drop to the ground. He stepped in front of the old man close enough to catch him. Not only was he worn down from travel, but he appeared to have been wounded by a mountain lion. There were deep claw marks cutting through his coat and shirt digging into his chest.
Cautiously pulling the old man's sword from its scabbard, he put an arm around him to keep him from falling.  Leading him through the brush Geoff took him to the cabin that he and Dirk had built. They had built their cabin back in the rocks with a cliff overhanging from above.

    Recessed into the rocks the way it was there was no way to approach the cabin without them knowing about it. It was a just a small three room cabin that they stayed in during the hunting and trapping season. The cabin consisted of two bedrooms furnished with homemade beds carved out of oak by Dirk, a cooking room with a wood burning stove and living area combined, and a few shelves stocked with an assortment of first aid supplies.
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