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For Valentine's Day, I will play along with "A Dozen Roses Contest"
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Day Five - Lavender Rose

A Lavender Rose symbolizes Love at First Sight and Enchantment.

For Day 5, write an interview between you and Cupid and/or Aphrodite. Be creative!


“….and that’s why I have no recollection whatsoever of my childhood. I just remember my scallop shell washing up on the beach at Cyprus. I’m told I looked just as I do today.”

I watched Aphrodite shake her long blonde locks so they came to rest, again, around her narrow shoulders, emitting a musky scent of expensive perfume into the air between us. I glanced down at my notes for my next question.

“I know Metropolis Cosmopolitan readers are dying to know what’s the deal with you and Andonis?” I held my breath. Last night on “E! Olympia,” I’d seen Aphrodite verbally lash a reporter who’d asked the same question. Still, the rumors were flying and my editor wanted the scoop.

Aphrodite glared at me for a moment. I braced myself as her lip began to curl. Then, a smile spread across her face. My eyebrows rose, pulling the corners of my own mouth into a relieved grin.

“Well,” she began, lowering her chin with a playful tilt of her head, “we agreed to keep our relationship private for obvious reasons…” My smile broadened and my eyebrows were approaching my hairline as I tried in vain to look less like the eager reporter than I felt. I realized I was leaning forward, and moved awkwardly back into my chair. Please, God, let her spill it before she comes to her senses and clams up!

She paused and the twinkle in her eyes told me she was enjoying playing cat and mouse with me. Come on, you bitch, I thought through the veil of my adoring expression. Give it to me!

She blinked with exaggerated slowness, so that her long black eyelashes actually rested briefly over her emerald eyes before she trained them again on me. “I am so happy to tell you that Andonis and I…”

Oh, please let this be good!

“….are expected a baby!”

A fraction of a second passed as the shocking information sunk in, then I clapped my hands together and squealed. “Oh my! Congratulations! What wonderful news!” She beamed, until my next question brought the ice back into her eyes.

“But, you’re married to Hephaestus! Are you planning on ending your marriage?”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she snarled. I swallowed hard, fighting to show her my best, non-plussed, professional posture. She went on. “Gods are no different than human beings! We are not monogamous beings by nature. Look around you. The answers are evident in the animal kingdom, from where you come.” Ouch. She was leaning forward now, and her voice had an arrogant and accusatory edge. “Everyone knows, even if they won’t admit it, that keeping only one lover breeds boredom and apathy. Over time, there is no passion, no spark, nothing that can rival the emotions of new love. Hephaestus feels the same way I do.” Her sudden silence dared me to challenge her. I didn’t disappoint.

“Then you won’t mind when Hephaestus takes another for his lover?”

Aphrodite bristled and the musk infused air around us filled with palpable energy. I raised my chin, hoping to intimidate, hoping to mask the truth. But she saw through me. Shooting out of her chair, she bellowed, “It’s YOU! You are the mortal he has been laying with! How dare you try to deceive me?”

I screamed as the floor under my feet began to tremor and the walls shook. The chandelier above us both shuddered and swayed. Grabbing my notes, I dashed for the door as chunks of plaster from the ceiling pelted my head and shoulders.

Two days later, on the deck of a yacht on the Aegean Sea, I received a text message from my editor. Metropolis Cosmopolitan with my interview hit the newsstands, outselling any past issue in recent history. Hephaestus and I celebrated long into the night.

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