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Ok so I am addicted...
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I have had several people ask how I am doing and what is going on in my life. SOOO it is time to update. I find that I do not have time to journal like I used too. Part of the reason is because I am working on an Add-on certfication to my Masters for Library Science. I am almost done. I will be glad as it takes a lot out of my day for studying and preparing projects and writing papers all the time. This on top of my full time job, doing an internship and being a wife, mother and daughter.
BUt I am not going to complain. I do love my life.... it is just toooo busy. I have really gotten closer to my Dad since Mama died. I was already close to him> But now-- it is even more. My sister and I try to do as much as we can to keep him from being so lonely. My brother lives with him. BUt still -- it is hard with Mom gone. We all have good days and bad days. Anyone who has lost a close loved one knows what I am talking about. I will be fine one moment and then hear a song or smell a smell that reminds me of her and I am just a big old cry baby. But I am glad to feel the sadness and be able to cry. I know at one time in my life I was depressed ( but didn't realize that was what was wrong) and felt nothing but numbness. So, I embrace the tears as well as the happy moments in my life. Because, I am not longer depressed!!!! I am sad--but not depressed.
My boys are growing like weeds. D is 10 and K is 14. He is taller then me now. I love those two little guys so much. I can't believe they are half grown.
My hubby is also great. We have been together almost 25 years and married for 18 and a half of those. Yes. we met young and waited six and half years to marry. I realize how blessed I am to be in the percentages of couples who are happily married. And for us to have met so young and stayed together. That is a testimony of our love for each other.
I am off tomorrow> I will enjoy sleeping in as my boys are older now and I am allowed. Boy, that is a nice feeling> I was reminded of that today as i talked to a friend with 4 children and one of those is a 8 month old who keeps her up. I do remember the days.> I like to say been there..done that...But I do miss the "Baby Days" Sometimes I think I should have had that third child. BUt then I am glad I only have the two. But yes. there are days I regret not having the third. I guess the reason didn't is that I would nto have been able to stay home for that year or two like I did with my other two. I just would have been so depressed if I had a baby and then had to put it in daycare.. That of course is not the only reason why we didn't have a third chidl---but it was a major reason in my mind. It broke my heart to go back to work with D being 15 months old . K was easier as he was 3 and my Mom kept him.
Ok got to go.
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