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Halloween Horror Interview Series Cont. - By Lotusneko

It seems that the harvest moon only recently closed its golden shutters, locking
itself away for another year. After the long party on the 31st, satisfied spooks and spirits floated away from our realm to their otherworldly environs, until the narrow window between this world and the others once again opens to allow them to visit. A very different holiday is upon us, urging us to buy, buy, buy, especially in today's economy. Retail soldiers, report for duty! Uncle Sam needs you to save the mall!

It all seems a bit horrible, so we continue our Halloween Horror interview series with the Review Ghouls. This second installment features my interview with Henry Fitzroy, a scary but educated and refined vampire. I took it upon myself to give him the nickname "Fitzie."*Bigsmile*

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LOTUSNEKO: What kind of ghoul are you, and what brought you to the Review
Ghouls Contest?

FITZIE: I was Henry Fitzroy, a 450 year-old vampire who is a character in the Tanya Huff
Blood Series books and television programmes. He is supposed to be the bastard son
of King Henry V||| who was immortalised at 17. I was attracted to Review Ghouls as I enjoy
reviewing and I love acting and writing, it combined three of my favourite pastimes!

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LOTUSNEKO: The 'Ghouls' do seem a perfect fit for you. The Blood Series looks interesting. I might have to check it out. Is horror your favorite genre? What techniques do you use when reviewing Horror?

FITZIE: Yes, horror is my favourite genre to both read and write, it’s actually the genre I read for general pleasure as well. When reviewing horror I judge on the scare factor of the piece and how true to the nature of horror it is; how dark, mysterious and whether it is original or not. Original and truly tense piece get a lot more praise than the pieces that you can guess what is coming up and those that just tell your rather than show the action.

LOTUSNEKO: Well-put. What advice would you offer people who want to review Horror, but have never done it?

FITZIE BABY: Just review as you would any other piece but don’t be afraid to get your socks scared off. In horror it is more important to use tension and pace to your advantage, and obviously, have that scare tactic. This means that more ‘show’ should be used rather than ‘tell’, it makes everything more interesting.

LOTUSNEKO: What kind or type of Horror stories do you enjoy?

FITZAROONIE: I like what I call ‘true horror’ stories. I mean stories that don’t rely upon blood and guts to be scary but have a lot of tension and suspense. A shocking revelation is always good as well, I look for the same things as I do in horror movies – shocks, spooks, scares and a good vampire is a nice bonus.

LOTUSNEKO: I'm sure. Do you run across anything in Horror that turns you off or makes you stop reading? If so, what?

THE FITZER: Yes, if everything is relayed simply to the reader, I like to have to work some stuff out myself. I only really dislike unoriginal pieces where you can tell what’s going to happen, because if you know what’s coming up it just isn’t scary.

LOTUSNEKO: What are your plans for Halloween?

FITZMEISTER: I’m going to a costume party on Halloween, I’m going as Lestat from Queen of the Damned. When I get back I’ll be watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and writing.


My own horror/scary pieces! I will give treats for reviews that mention you saw this in the Review Ghouls RNLs. The good treats, the chocolate bars, not the Bargain Bag non-chocolate candy with Dum-Dums, Double Bubble, and Smarties. It's easy: just review some of my short horror stories and poems, and you will receive a nice treat in your mailbox! Choose from anything in my folder. The more you review and the more thorough the review, the better the treats.

 Horror Stories & Poetry  (13+)
My short scary tales & poems. Enter at your own risk.
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Last months's question was: *Blush* *Blush* I forgot to add it! Again!
This month's question is from the interviews. What techniques do you use when reviewing Horror?

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