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Item #411411
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Item #411411
Setting Up A "How I Review" Item - by vivacious
Table of Contents:

1. Letter from the Editor
2. Editor’s Picks
3. Ask & Answer

Letter from the Editor:

Happy Friday all!

It is my pleasure to write the second issue of The Reviewing Newsletter. Thank you PastVoices for nominating me to be one of the editors, to Elisa the Bunny Stik
for putting all this together, and to you, The Reader.

The subject today bounces off Arwee ’s previous newsletter about the different types of reviewers. It’s short, but I hope you find it useful.

Much of what Arwee outlined could also describe reviewees. When we post an item, we expect a certain kind of review, usually the kind we give. For instance, I love when people give me thorough reviews with regard to sentence structure, grammar, and content. My reviews contain much of the same. While I receive a few of those, I mostly get the more emotional responses, something not always useful to me, because that’s not what I expect in a review.

What helped me once with one emotional review is the reviewer told me straight out how they review and why via a linked item. After reading it, I understood readers read our items for different reasons and look for different things.

With my frustration assuaged from this person’s item, I decided to create one describing how I review and what I look for. I included why any review can - and even should - be ignored as well.

I figured if certain types of reviews frustrate me, then it’s reasonable to assume I’ve frustrated others with my reviews. I now link the item with every review I give.

It also helps alleviate the stress in reviewing that perhaps I was too harsh, I didn't see what the writer wanted me to see, etc, because they can read my "How I Review" item and get a better understanding of my reviewing mindset.

If you haven’t yet, I recommend you do the same. I’d also love for you to send me the link so I can showcase it in my next newsletter.

Editor’s Picks:

My editor’s picks are examples of how and why people review:

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This item number is not valid.
#1048403 by Not Available.

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#1242663 by Not Available.

 Review Or Critique, Which Is It?  (E)
An introduction to my personal philosophy, and why!
#1168045 by Budroe

Ask & Answer:

With this being my first newsletter, I have nothing to add here. Still, if you have any questions, subjects you’d like for me to tackle, or how to improve the newsletter, don’t hesitate to email me.

Thanks bunches, and I hope you have a great weekend.
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