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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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I hate all of them. “They only think of themselves. They constantly abuse

everything they come into contact with, including my physical body. So why, I ask

is it up to Mother Nature to save them every 100 years since they have existed. I

know better than anyone that the human race deserves to perish. Sending me to

find the deity as a human will not change my opinion or the fact that they will choose

the same path, resulting in the same pattern of the past 21 centuries.” I argued to

the 16th philosophical court.

“The spirit of Mother Earth, also referred to as Mother Nature, has presented her

case. In the appeal of the 15th deity court’s ruling, this court will vote. All in favor

of denying the appeal?”

I can’t believe this! How could they deny my appeal?! Well, if there is one thing I’ve

learned from this, it is that the court system cannot be trusted. Oh my god! I’m

going to be living on my self for over eighteen years!
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