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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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Chapter 1- K.C.
My Life. A life made for a movie. I was born February 6, 1992 to a mother I never knew. She died giving birth to me and my father didn’t want me. I’ve lived in so many foster homes that I can’t name them all. I’ve lived through a lot of bullshit. Is it possible to be alive without really living? I grew up on the streets in a neighborhood where it is kill or be killed. I have made only two friends In my lifetime.
                        I’m the sort of girl who doesn’t have many friends because I’m quiet and I don’t trust many. The type who likes to be alone most of the time, but likes to have fun or just chill the rest. Then there’s the hatin that most girls do, and most guys only want one of two things: a relationship or a booty call. Besides, most try to avoid me because I'm a magnet for trouble. The not funny later kind that no one wants. I have gone through a lot of things and one thing I’ve learned is that you should trust no one too much. Also, that being able to act is an important skill to have. It is the only way you can survive in this dog eat dog world of mine.

          My name is Keyshia D. Camdinn. My friends call me KC. I will turn 17 in exactly two days. We will run away from here tomorrow. By we I mean my best friends Meeka and Rob. The only ones who understand me and my weirdness. I have known Meeka my entire life and when Rob came we all just clicked.In exactly nine hours to be precise. I already have everything packed. Now all we have to do is wait.
                      We all view our lives as stories in one big book that never ends. In which the characters struggle to stay sane in their everyday lives. We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we’re catching the Greyhound to Saginaw, north of here. I have planned this very thoroughly so there shouldn’t  be many surprises. I hate surprises. And change, but I have grown accustomed to them in my messed up life. I have always sought comfort from the remaining nature in this wretched city.
                    I probably sound like I wallow in self-pity, but I don’t. Really, I just try to be as sane as I can and stay alive until I can escape my life in this place we’ve nicknamed Gun Ru. The next day, I woke before everyone else as usual. It didn’t  take long to wake Rob and Meeka, and we were on our way. It sounds like the beginning of some great adventure story, but we’ll see how it turns out when we arrive. It is an hour and forty-five minute bus ride with one stop midway. We’re finally going!  I’m so happy and just . . .  energetic. This trip is just starting off perfectly.
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