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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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  I watched from a distance as she and her friend looked through the merchandise. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as her. I doubt there is such a person. With her long flowing black hair, shapely figure, caramel skin, and those one-of-a-kind bluish-gray eyes. She must have felt me watching her for she now approached me.
“Do you need something?” sh asked
“Yeah. A camera that can capture your beauty.”
“Nice line. It just might work.”
“For I am a poet, it is no line, though I may not show it, I’m  sweeter than the sweetest wine.”
“Nice. I’m  Keyshia Camdinn.  My friends call me KC. What’s your name?”
“My name is Johnathon Black. What a coincidence. My friends call me JB.”
“My friends and I are new in town. You wouldn’t mind showing us around would you?”
“Friends?” I asked
“Rob is somewhere trying to get in some girl’s clothes.”
“No. I’m right here.”Rob interjected
“When did you come back?”
“That would be at the ‘what’s your name’ part. You would have noticed if you two had disengaged eye contact for even a second.” he answered
“Whateva. Any success?”     
“Not even one. Are you going to introduce me or should I?”
“Rob this JB, JB this is Rob.”
“Nice to meet you. So what’s the deal on the ladies here in Saginaw. On the real, I’m looking for the type who likes a good booty call.” Rob told me
            “You can find a lot of that type here. You just have to know where to look. But I wouldn’t chance it if I were you. You might catch something. You never know. Where are you all staying, I’d love to take you up on your offer,”I said looking into the depths of her eyes.
      “We’re at the Holiday inn. Suite 26. Feel free to stop by anytime you feel like it. I can guarantee you’ll always be welcome. You should remember that."
  “Of course. Tomorrow, around eleven. We can have lunch as well. We can go  ridin’ in my whip. Have some fun. The city is at its best around midday. I’ll  see you all then.”I nodded. “Later.”
         “Later,” she replied. “Wait, tomorrow’s my birthday!”
“Mine too! Even better. I’ll make sure it is the best either of us have ever had,”I replied. ‘Maybe you’ll come to my party too?”
“It would be my pleasure. and yours too, I hope.”she said as i walked away
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