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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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Chapter 3-K.C.
  “That  is  one  fine man  right  there! Looks like I’m gonna have some fun here after all. This is perfecto. I mean, what were the chances that he had the same birthday as me? This is fate. . .or karma finally paying me back. Tomorrow is  going  to  be  the  best  birthday  ever.  I can feel it.”

          “Sounds like me and you are going to be tagging along on this so-called fun in the city,”Meeka said to Rob sarcastically.
  “It’ll  be an honor. I always wanted to be bored out of my mind.  Oh the  sweet  perils  of  friendship.. How I loathe you,” Rob interjected.

      “You  two needs to shut the fuck up before I start some shit up in here. We all know  none of us want  that. Not on our first day here.”

    “You know we was just playin’. I don’t know why you be trippin.”

        “I know. I just like to get under ya skin,” I admitted. “Anyway, you have to admit that he is fine and sexy than a

“I ain’t gone lie. He is. I would rape that nigga if I could.”

“If  I’m lucky, I won’t have to. Just thinkin’ about him sends chills down my spine. He has to good the way he looks. Woo!”

“Hello! I’m still here. Man, don’t be talkin like that in front of me. Y’all don’t like me talking like that with Santana in front of ỳall.”

“Fine. We’ll  spare the painful pleasure,”Meeka said.

    “Come on. Let’s go shopping. I need a new outfit for tomorrow. This birthday girl is gonna stay fly. I’m glad I saved every dime  I  ever made. Maybe there’s still a chance I could be happy after all.”  I say walking into Debs.   

“Yes ma’am! Whateva you say. Ooh! That dress is tight! It’ll go perfect with those heels. Try it on, and see how it looks!”she exclaimed “Fantastic! Wow. You should get your hair and nails done to match. You’ll look absolutely wonderful! Right Rob? Rob? Rob!”                                 

  “Huh? Yeah, ab-absolutely p-perfect.”he stuttered           

“Are you okay? You look uncomfortable.”

“No. I’m fine. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?”

“Trust me. It’s just you. Womanizer. Snap out of it, will you.”
    “Sorry. It’s just my natural reaction. Hey! You can tell you look good, can’t you. Think of my reaction as a magic mirror.”       

“Whateva. I’m going to buy it. For once in my life I’m going all out.

      “Finally! Good for you. I’ll meet you back at the dorm. I got to pick up something. Adios amigos!”                                                             

“Adios Meeka! Rob can you carry this for me? Please?”

    “I guess I’ll be bag-boy for a little while. But you can’t take foreva in these stores or I’ll  bounce. Comprende ?”

“Okay. Thank you. So . . .  what did you get me?”

         “It’s surprise. You have to wait until tomorrow. Hint: it begins at  12 a.m..”

“It better be good. I have high expectations for this birthday!”
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