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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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Chapter 5-K.C.
“Hey. You’re right on time,” I heard Meeka say in her Jamaican accent. “She’ll be out in a minute.”

“Thanks.” he replied, sounding as sexy as ever.

“De nada. You’re welcome.”

“You know, I’ve been wondering. You sound Jamaican, but you talk in Spanish a lot.”

“I was born in Jamaica, but when I was three, my mom and I moved to Mexico, then Grand Rapids the next year. I like Spanish, and the Jamaican accent kind of stuck with me after my mom died seven years ago.”

“Sorry to hear that. Sorry for being so rude, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“It’s okay. Be right back, I have to find Rob and tell him you’re here.”

“Hi, J.B. sorry I took so long. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting .” I apologized

         “No problem. Besides, I had a great conversation with Meeka. It was very interesting. I think my cousin  James would really like her.”

“Really? Maybe you should talk to her about him. Maybe she’ll be interested. Rob would probably feel like a third wheel though.”

“Meeka  wasn’t the only one  I’ve  been  thinking about. I bet he’d be interested in my cousin. And with both of them occupied, it will just be you and me.” he finished in a slow, deep voice.

“I like the sound of that. We need to get one thing straight first though. I don’t do certain things, one of them is to sleep with a man I barely know, I think that gives off a feeling that I would sleep with any and everybody. Plus, I rarely trust anyone, so don’t betray that trust because if you do you put your life in danger. Understand?”

“ I understand, and you do not have to worry. I will do the best I possibly can to avoid ever hurting you, mi  reina.”

“So I’m your queen huh? Then you must be my king. You better treat me like one.”

“It will be my pleasure, mi  reina.”

“Let’s go then. This better be fun. Maybe we can meet some people? I want the grand tour. What are we doing later? You say it’s your birthday too. You must have something planned.”

“It’s a surprise. You’ll see later. I will do my best to show you everything I can in the time we have. By the way, I like what you’re wearing. It’s . . . perfecto.”

“Gracias. I got it especially for today. I’m glad you like it.”

“I’m pretty sure, no day will be better than this one.”

“We’ll just have to see about that.”

“Whatever you say, mi reina. Iam here to serve you.”

“Then let’s go,” I laughed, walking towards the door.
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