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Having to save a race you hate! Poor Mother Nature! Maybe it'll work out!
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Chapter 11-K.C.
“What is this?” I asked myself aloud, laying on the bed. What is this sadness that I

feel. Is it possible. . .? No! That cannot be. There is no way I miss him. That would

mean. . .and he’s part human. That wouldn’t work. Just forget about it Kayla. There

will be no happily ever after. There was a knock on the door. Who in the world could

that be. Is it. . . no. Maybe Rob or Sheyna forgot their keycard. I get up and walk

over to the door, and open it to see J.B. “What the hell? You’re three days early!”

“Yeah. Um. . .sorry. . . its just. . .I needed to talk to you. . .and I couldn’t wait any

longer. Is it a bad time?”

“It’s fine. Come on in. I’m  sorry. I didn’t meant to be so rude. You surprised me

is all. I thought you would wait until the end of the week. “

”Yeah. Sorry. . .again.”

“So. . .what do you want to talk about?”

“I decided that  I’m gonna help you. I mean, I can’t let the world die. I don’t want

anyone to die because of me. Especially not you” he added, mumbling under his



“ I don’t want you to die. I mean. . .I think. . .I think I’m in love with you!”

“Oh. . .um. . .w-what exactly do you think we should do about that?” I stuttered. Did

he just say what I think he just  said. There is no way! He can’t feel the same way

as I do. That’s impossible.

“I think we can work it out. After all, nothing is impossible.” he replied as if he were

reading my thoughts.

“But . . b-but.” I stuttered. Why can’t I say something. Anything!

“No  buts. I know you feel the same. I can see it in your eyes.” he tilted my chin up

after I looked towards the floor. “I love you.” he then kissed me. At that moment I

felt like I do when I am flying in the peaceful air. . .only five times better. When the

kiss ended, I looked into his eyes and said “Why? Why after only two days? How

could we fall in love with each other that quickly.

“It’s simple. Love at first sight. At least for me it was. Maybe I just put you under my

spell, and it worked. You never know.” I laughed.  He made me feel at ease. Then

he asked, “do Meeka and Rob know about the Mother Nature thing?”

"No. Not  really. It is kind of hard to bring up. Besides, what if they are like you

were, they would leave me. Humans can be very fickle sometimes.”

“Humans  can also be reliable sometimes. I think you should trust them to decide. Do

they want to be reliable . . .or fickle, as you put it.” he added laughing.

"Do not make fun of the way I speak. The late 1800s and early 1900s took hold of

my grammar. It is perfect. Except when i'm mad”

“Nobody and nothing is completely perfect. Not even you.”

“Depends on how you define perfection.”

“How do you define it”

“Perfection is merely being the best you, you can be. Not trying to be someone

else. Doing the best you possibly can, even if someone else’s best is better than


“Very wise. You have a weird way of interpreting things. I love it.”

“Whatever. Can you take me back to the woods. It feels more like home there.”

“Whatever you want, mi reina.”he grabbed me by the hands and took me to his

escalade.Laughing again, I say, “I wonder if there’s a lake or something nearby.

I remember. . .” I trailed off. Why would I say something like that. Not  so soon.

“You remember what.’” seeing the look on my face he added, “come on. You can

tell me.”

“I remember when my mom used to call me her little lady of the lake. The one in the

King Arthur legend.”

“Why did she call you that?”

“I love the water. I begged her everyday to take me to places like the Niagra falls.”

“Really? K. C. what was your mother like?”

“My mother was the best mother I could ask for. She was wise, beautiful, fun,

loving, everything I could ever ask of in a mother. She was just a little too trusting.” I

replied sadly.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Don’t worry. I’m the one who brought it up.”

“So, what’s it like to be up there?”

“Nothing like you think. It is much like it is here. “

”Is there a God?”

“There are many gods, but there is God. The ruler of us all. If that’s what you


“So, did you like it up there? Is that heaven?”

“Yes, I liked it up there, but there is real beauty down here.” I laughed as I added,

“and no, it is not Heaven. I’ve never been to Heaven. It is out of my jurisdiction.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“What I mean is, only certain people are allowed into certain parts. That wasn’t

one of my areas as Mother Earth or as you say Mother Nature.”

“So what do I call you?”

“Just call me K.C.  That is still my name after all.”

“Okay. So. . .how does this work? What do I have to do to. . .um, help save

humankind? “

”Well, first I have to help you harness your power. We’ll need you to be at your full

power.” I said stepping out of the car.


“We’ll  have to go to two different places. How do you feel about traveling?” I asked 

sitting on the cool grass

“Depends on how far we have to go. I can’t leave my mother for long. I’ve  always 

wanted to travel  overseas to places like India, Japan, and Paris. See the leaning

tower of Pisa. Why do you ask?”

“Umm . . . that’s a problem. We have to go to Africa-”

“Africa! Are you crazy?! I can’t go to Africa!”

I stood, the sky darkening. “Do not raise your voice at me! And do not interrupt me!

Either you want to help or you don’t.” I responded angrily, my voice getting

dangerously low “this is the only way you can. So either do it or get the hell out of

here. I don’t needsomeone who’s going to desert me at the last minute. You have

a choice to make. Are you staying or going? Make it and make it now. After this

there is no turning back. I will not be my mother. I will kill you before I allow you to

get me killed saving you stupid humans.”

“I’m  sorry. You just  caught me by surprise. Of course I’m going with you. I shouldn’t

have reacted like that, I’m sorry. So where else are we going?”

“We are going to go to Japan as well. You get to go to one of those places you

mentioned. We might even go to London and Paris after we finish. It all depends on

how long it takes to develop your power.”

“What is the maximum time? I mean when does. . . is it supposed to happen?”

“We have about one year at most. It is supposed to happen on our birthday next


“Our birthday! Man, that sucks. I have to save humankind on my b-day.”

“Yes. It does. How are you going to tell your mother? A year traveling abroad will

not go unnoticed.”

“I thought about telling her the truth,”he held up his hand to let him finish “but she’s

worst than James. She’d probably put me in a crazy house. So, I’m going to tell her

that I’m going on a trip to Africa for a scholarship. She’d believe that. I do a lot to

make sure that I get in to college. I’m going to hate lying to her though. I haven’t

done that since I was nine.”

“I could never lie to my mother. I picked that up when I was five. She was too

perceptive. Like I am now. I have always wondered if it was because of the Mother

Nature thing or because she was my mother, or both. I guess I’ll never know.”

“I guess it must be like hell.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“To be so close to her, and not be able to see her because it’s not your ‘jurisdiction’.

It would probably drive me crazy. How did you cope?”

“I wasn’t there most of the time. If I had been, I am sure it would have. My powers

are tied to my emotions. I had to keep myself sane or I would have destroyed

myself and you all with me. I knew she wouldn’t have liked that.”

“What changed?”

“I experienced for myself the pain and suffering Earth has gone through over the

years. Stupid wars with no real reasons behind them. Constantly cutting down

all the trees, pollution, driving the animals extinct with incessant hunting. It

hardened my heart against the humans. They all are so. . . clueless. They

constantly complain about their situations, when the Earth is suffering. It is a living

organism. It made me believe that humans should be extinct. Let nature take over

again. So the Earth can heal over time. This stupid process of  saving them, erasing

their memories, and letting them do the samething over and over again needs to


“I agree with you partly. . .but maybe if they kept their memories they would learn

from them. Strive to be better. I think that would be worth a try.”

“I don’t know. So, we leave at the end of the week. I have to break it to Meeka and

Rob. I wonder how they will take it.”

“You’ll never know unless you try.”

“Maybe. I think we should be going back now.  I’ll make the necessary

arrangements. You just tell your mom.”
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