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My life is about as interesting as the next person's.
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#658085 added July 7, 2009 at 7:29am
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My Surreal Life
Current Music: Hinder - Get Stoned

Current Mood: Tired and achy

So, I'm still a whore. Well not technically yet anyway. But you know what? I don't even care anymore. This feels so right it's wrong.

Byron texted me last night, but I went to bed early so I didn't respond until this morning. He asked how my day was and I said it definitely wasn't as good as Saturday. I asked how he was and he said: "It was ok, but I had a bad case of missing you. Silly, isn't it?"

I told him that was my problem also. Then I said: "BTW, do you know how fucking sore I am?" He asked me where I was sore and I told him my back and ribs mostly. He said, "That must be self-inflicted." I said, "Har har. No it's Byron inflicted." He said, "It was self defense! You kept attacking me. I have scars to prove it. I guess this means I won't see you again. Sniff."

I told him of course there will be a next time.

Then he came into the bank at about 10. He laughed at me a lot.

After he left he sent me a text:
         Short and sweet. Feel bad now that you're achy and sore. R U sure it's my fault?

I said: Oh, I'm sure.

Then we were talking about Jen - this lesbo that looks like a boy. She had told Byron once that she could imagine him in a speedo. LMAO!

So, I told him that she had just been in. He said she wasn't there for him. And then he proceeded to say he was jealous. I said, "Ugh! Why would you be jealous of that!"

He said:
         I guess you're right. But strange things happen....You just spent Saturday with me. A month ago you might have thought that would never happen.

I said:
         I never thought it would happen, you're right...but I've always hoped it would. And I do mean always.

He said:
         And is that true? Always?

The he added:
         If you still ache on Saturday I could massage the achy bits. Unless you prefer tylenol instead. And that last text made me blush by the way.

(We're hanging out again this coming Saturday, in case you didn't catch that.....)

I told him it was definitely true.

He said:
         I'll get you tylenol just in case you change your mind. And just so you know you actually are awesome. But you already knew that. Hope you're having a great day.

I said:
         It started out great, that's for sure. Still blushing?

He said:
         Have stopped blushing. Am now just very happy.

I told him I was happy because he came in and then asked why he was happy.

He said:
         Because of the things you said earlier. If you mean then that makes me very happy.

I said:
         Of course I mean them.

And it was silent for a long time....I guess he has to work some time. I'm not making any promises that nothing will happen. I mean, I want it to. I want him to hold me and kiss me and caress me and do all sorts of things I probably shouldn't write down. Maybe it's my lack of a father figure? I don't know. I just feel like he can protect me and just be there for me.

I feel sort of bad for saying that, but Shane is just different. and I feel way different about him than I used to....


So, much texting, so little time. I'm a little in shock about all of this to tell you the truth. It's just so surreal...I never thought any of this would happen. I never thought my Australian/English lovah would ever fall for me! I really didn't. But I seriously think he has.

Here's the rest of the conversation:

At about 6 yesterday, the convo started up again. Unfortunately, Shane and I decided to go see 'The Proposal' at the theatre, so I didn't get to answer until almost 9 o'clock.

Byron said:
         I hope you had a good day. How are your aches and pains?

         Still achy and painy, thank you very much. How about you?

         Feeling just fine. Still feel bad about your aches but the massage offer still stands if you still have them on Saturday.

         Maybe I'll just pretend to have them. Haha.

         That would be naughty and dishonest. But if they have gone, I absolutely approve of you making some up. Does that make me a bad person? Hehe.

         Definitely.... I will be making something up. Hehe.

         Have I told you that I have supernatural powers and my hands are able to tell the difference between real and made up pains?

         I have supernatural abilities, too. I know when someone's BS-ing through texting.

         It saddens me that you don't believe me. Sniff. What can I say or do to make you believe me?

         You'll think of something I'm sure. :)
         I figured out how to make my smiley face! Yay!

         What smiley face?

         My gangsta smiley face! Here I'll show you one more time. :) - see? Hehe.

         I keep forgetting you is a gangsta girl and I need to be careful around you. Gonna say goodnite. Hope you sleep well tonight. Be thinking about you.


         I did all day today so I reckon I will tonight as well. Really. Does that bother you?

         Not at all....it's just surreal.

         If I remember the meaning of surreal correctly, that makes it a good thing, right? Either way, I think about you a lot, which is odd considering I don't know you very well yet.

         I think about you a lot, too. I'm so curious as to what you're thinking about though. I guess I'll let you go to sleep. Sweet dreams of me. lol

         Just to let you know, it's almost all good stuff. No bad stuff though. Sweet dreams and happy thoughts.

So, see anything that may indicate he is completely and utterly attracted to me? Anything at all?

I just can't believe it! It has been at least a year that I know I've been attracted to him...but him being attracted to me seems like a pretty recent development. Except for the whole giving me candy all the time and my mouse. I mean, when he walked into World Market in December, he was thinking about me.....

I'm just being reckless now, but it sincerely feels good. It really does. It feels good that I can just let loose with him and be myself. I only feel shy around him when he comes into the bank....but that's because everyone else is watching me and they know how I feel about him. Or they sort of do anyway.....

I'm just incredibly surprised that a man of 46 years would fall for little old me. Seriously. How am I so interesting? How do I hold his attention so much? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I do....it's just so surreal - like I told him.

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