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Both times before, I wished I'd a place in my port for my entries...this time I do!
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September 27 - Beach
I stand, petrified
At the shoreline of my life
Up to my ankles
In the baptismal waters
Of my future

My back is turned, defiant
On rain-soaked yesterdays
The breeding ground of moldy dreams
Black and blue eyes
In the peacock’s plumage

When I was a child, hopeful
I was given a royal blue betta fish
In a gift bowl of water
Deadly to others
Who would dare to share his space

Before me, believe
Infinite cerulean sky melts into
Azure ocean peace
The only proof I need
That serenity exists

I stand, determined
Ready to plunge into tomorrow’s placid waters
Cool my scorched skin
Soothe my soul
Swim again.

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