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by Sarah
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An African's Anecdotes and Accoutrements
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Nanoodling along.
I’ve just finished writing from a man’s POV in Nano; here’s the last few paragraphs:

I filled her in on some of the mundane details of the evening, deliberately avoiding any mention of the woman who stood silently in the room with us, visible only to me. Desperately hoping she would leave I ate quickly, and finished my second glass of wine. Beth was wearing black jeans and a very woolly black polo neck jersey. Her dark hair tumbled over her shoulders. She’d kicked her boots off when we came to the lounge, and now her feet were tucked under her.

“Wow, you were hungry,” Beth commented as I put down my plate.

“I still am,” I said, and reached for her.

Later, in my bed she slept curled up against me. My arm was around her shoulder. I couldn’t sleep. Beth breathed softly against me. I stared into the darkness, and all I could see was the face the woman who ran away from me earlier that evening.

My word count is not too bad - at least I’m ahead of where I should be. Reading these paragraphs back it seems like this could be a ghost story - but it’s not. My hero is in love with a girl, and he’s unintentionally hurt her. And he feels lousy about it, because now he’s been with his sometime girlfriend, but understands there’s no future with her. He likes her, but it’s more a physical than a mental connection... but then this probably doesn’t make sense! Not even to a guy. I’m quite happy with this love scene, though... or lack thereof! It leaves a lot to the imagination, especially after writing about how he feels after the “rejection”, and in the shower before his girlfriend arrives! *Wink*

This afternoon I read back through some of my very first entries in my first blog on the site. It’s quite depressing to realise how much I found to write about then, and how my blogging has changed since those early days. On one entry all the people commenting are no longer active members of the site - all are basic members. I wonder what has happened? Perhaps I became too focussed on blogging... I love blogging, but I need to get my blogging groove back.

I wrote an essay on Zimbabwe’s incredible Minister of Finance Tendai Biti for the last round of Project Write World. To my amazement - because the other entries were excellent - it was placed first. I had some help from my friend Belinda, an MDC activist in Mutare in Zimbabwe. She read the piece through for me, and gave me a few details about Mr Biti’s character. Sadly, things in Zimbabwe are deteriorating, but a few very brave people are trying to put the country back on its feet; and none more than Mr Biti. If you interested and want to read about a seriously brave man here’s the link:

The Most Difficult Job in the World  (E)
How Does One Man Revitalise the Economy of One of the World's Most Brutalised Nations?
#1608592 by Sarah

There are some excellent figures for people doing Nano - it’s really encouraging reading and seeing how my writing buddies are doing on the official Nano site AND here. I’ve been posting my writing in my portfolio here, but it’s a shocking mess, so it’s private. When I looked at it this evening I wondered how on earth it’s ever going to make sense...

Well, I need some sleep. I wish you all a great weekend, and whether you’re Nanoodling, writing blog entries, prose or poetry... may your Muse be inspired and the words flow from your pen/keyboard.

Have a great weekend!!!

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