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A fantasy novel about five people trying to retrieve a sacred stone.
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Introduction: Vizus
Walking towards the town of Trath, Vizus was filled with dread. He was banished from his own tribe, the Dragon People, so it means he is now officially a "Nocoda", those without a tribe. All he did was suggest that his kinsman should go and try to locate the Stone of Helius and retrieve it. His tribe in under terrible disasters, like their Mountains collapsing, and some villages even completely covered under the Mountains. The witch doctors immediately rejected the idea and banish Vizus from their tribe. In rage, Vizus vowed never to return to the Mountains, and left the next day. Now he is determined to get the Stone of Helius and prove the witch doctors were wrong.

Vizus entered a forest South of Trath. Vizus felt uneasy, he never liked forests, but entered it anyway. The deeper he was in the forest, the more jumpy he was. Sometimes even the sweet chirping of birds made him jump back three feet. He walked and walked until he heard voices ahead. He immediately dove into the bushes. He inched towards the sound's source. He saw a tall guy fighting six Gorgs by himself. Vizus decided to help him, so he jumped out of the bush and let out a roar. Dragon's roar. The roar terrified the Gorgs, who scampered away like mice fleeing a cat. Vizus turned and asked the guy:" Ud na kiro?"

The guy cocked his head and asked:" Sacus Ai, shada yie skaja?"

Vizus said:" Ok, so what did you mean?"

The guy looked relived, and he answered:" I didn't understand what you said."

Vizus said:" Who are you?"

"Xarros Senorenas of the Woodland."

"Vizus of the..." Vizus suddenly had an aching sensation in his heart.

Xarros asked:" Of?"

"Nothing. I'm banished from my tribe."
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