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A fantasy novel about five people trying to retrieve a sacred stone.
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"So, Vizus, why did you come to Trath?" asked Xarros.

"Um... personal business." replied Vizus.

"Ok... so, you ready to go now?" Xarros asked.

"Yeah, I'll be going South, to the port city of Wallari." Vizus said in a cheerful tone.

"What?! Wallari, I'm going there too!" Xarros exclaimed.

"Then let's go together. We'll encounter more Gorgs on the way for sure." suggested Vizus.

Xarros agreed and the two set of for the South. After they exited the forest, they encountered River Florth. The river acts as the boundary between Protector's land and the Haunter's land. The two walked downstream along the river. For two days they walked South, now they are near the town of Corade. A town by the Florth, it's people's living depended on the fish and the purified water River Florth provides, and it also serves as a military outpost for the Protectors. Xarros and Vizus decided to stop there to replenish their supplies.

When they arrived at the main gate of the town, they froze. Something was wrong. Xarros notched his arrow and looked around, wondering what could of happened. A breeze blew by, carrying a scent of blood, fresh blood. Vizus broke the silence:" So, what do you think, in, or around?"

"In, let's find out what happened to this poor town." Xarros whispered so softly, it was difficult hearing what he said.

"Alright, time to do some searching!" Vizus agreed.

Xarros and Vizus entered the village with caution. Step by step, they entered the town. The sight was appalling. Xarros nearly threw up after seeing what has to this place. Mounds of corpses were piled in the town square, and dozens more lying all over the town. Houses broken and wagons wrecked. Worst of all, the whole place stinks of Gorg's odor.

"Gorgs have done this. Those darn beasts!" Vizus cried, in rage.

"Yes, you're right. I think I might throw up!" Xarros let out his dinner yesterday.

Suddenly, they heard footsteps.

Xarros listened to those footsteps for a while and said:" There are at least fifty Gorgs coming this way."

Vizus cursed, and drew his sword. " You look pale, Xarros." He added before standing in a defensive stance.

"Never mind it. Now, like you said, let's kick some Gorg butt!" Xarros grinned.
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