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A fantasy novel about five people trying to retrieve a sacred stone.
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Meeting at Azerth
Vizus and Xarros traveled South towards the busy city of Azerth. The city is the economic capital of the country of Nera. Azerth is located North-East of the political capital, Asorothal. They decided to rest there for a few days, since they have been walking non-stop for a week. When they arrived at Azerth, they got into a tavern and fell asleep almost immediately.

--- Azerth's Gate---

Two figures in dark cloak entered the city of Azerth. One of them, shorter than his companion, said:" Are you sure it's them?" Judging by the voice, it is a girl.

"Yes, we must not alert them. Let's move at night, we will have a lesser chance of being caught." Obviously, this is a man.

"OK." The girl said in a sweet voice.

--- Golden Tiger Inn---

"Xarros, I feel we're being followed." Vizus muttered to Xarros, so low that the two cloaked couple can't hear him.

"Really? Who would want to follow us?" Xarros asked equally soft.

"I... don't know. But the way they tail us... makes me nervous. Seems as if they know our personality and predicts every move we make." Vizus said. He glanced back, the cloaked couple are still there, tagging after them.

Vizus and Xarros started to pick up speed, so does the cloaked couple.

Xarros suggested:" Maybe we can turn at the next corner and wait there, when the two turn at the corner, we can pin them and pull away their hood."

"Nice idea."

The duo executed the plan, and when the couple fell for it, Vizus and Xarros tore off the couple's hoods.

"Liang?!" Vizus cried, astonished.

"Get off me, brother!" Liang got to his feet, brushing away the dirt on his cloak, he smiled. He looks a lot thinner than I last met him, but sure look tougher. Vizus thought.

"Jill?!" Another cry rang beside Vizus and Liang. Xarros stared in disbelief as he saw the cloaked person was his little sister, Jill Senorenas. Jill blushed and whispered:" Xarros, get off me. You're so heavy!"

"Oh!" Xarros stood up and helped Jill to her feet.

"Why have you two come?" Vizus asked.

"We have followed you two since you entered Trath." Liang replied.

"Yeah, you two are really hard to keep up with." Jill said and stuck her tongue out.

"OK, anyway, wanna come with us to Port Wallari?" Xarros asked.

" Of course!" Liang and Jill said at the same time, they looked at each other and laughed.
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