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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Benefits of Writing.Com
A writer who is enveloped in a creative environment such as Writing.Com receives many benefits. Here writers are exposed to a multitude of diverse personalities, other types of writing, new ideas, inspirational words, peer-to-peer reviews and so much more. Members come from all over the world, each organizing and sharing their work in their own corner of Writing.Com.

Writing, Writing, Writing!
If you are looking to gain more experience with writing, any time spent on Writing.Com is writing. Whether you are writing a new poem, reviewing another writer's short story, posting a message in a forum, or responding to someone in chat, you are writing. And since you are conversing with other writers, you are constantly exposed to writing, reading, reviewing, and learning new things from other members. There is no way to avoid writing on Writing.Com!

Most of our members write to tell us that they have written more since joining Writing.Com than they have in their entire life. But even those who get writers block can find plenty to do on Writing.Com to jump start their writing again. Find something to read and let your mind wander into another world. Join a group of members who are also looking for inspiration and vent your frustrations right along with them. Enter a contest that requires something completely different from what you've written before. The activities are endless within our community; it is very rare indeed when a member is bored. And to that member we say, you haven't even skimmed the surface of Writing.Com yet!

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