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Explanations and instructions of all things Writing.Com.
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Overview of Your Portfolio
Your portfolio is where all the work you add to Writing.Com is stored. The portfolio system is a unique feature that gives WdC members the ability to create and organize their writing and other items. Your items - online works you create on Writing.Com - will be kept in your online portfolio, which can be found by clicking your Portfolio link under the Writing.Com logo. For more information on creating items, see: "How To Create an Item.

Create, Edit, Delete and Organize... When You Want!
Writing.Com members enjoy the freedom and control the portfolio system gives them over their items. Whether it's uploading stories and poetry, creating groups and forums for the WdC community, or running interactive items like polls and surveys, the portfolio system allows you to create these items and organize them however you want, including creating folders and putting them into any order you wish. And once all of your work has been posted to your Writing.Com portfolio, it's a great way to provide readers with one-stop access to all your creative works. Friends, family, literary representatives, and even publishers can view your body of work in one easy to navigate online location.

All Writing.Com software is proprietary and written in-house. As such, your WdC portfolio provides you with a variety of controls and options that give you the maximum flexibility with your work. From creating access restrictions to compiling item viewing statistics, there are few online writing communities that can provide you with the resources Writing.Com does to manage and promote your work. This section provides an overview of the features that can be found in your Writing.Com portfolio. For more information on creating and working with your items, please check out the Posting Content on Writing.Com   and Item Tools   sections of this guide.

Portfolio Tabs
Your Writing.Com portfolio is divided into several tabs at the top of the page. These tabs are:

*Bullet* Portfolio: Clicking on the Portfolio tab will take you to your main portfolio area, where your portfolio header with cover and Bio Block are displayed along with all of your items. For more detailed information on your portfolio and the tools available to manage it, please check out: ""Portfolio" Tab

*Bullet* Biography: The Biography tab provides a list of your Recommended Items and Most Recently Created or Modified Items, as well as a section for biographical and personal information, like you might display on a social networking site. Your Most Recently Created or Modified Items are automatically set to display your five most recent items, and your Recommended Items can be set by you. For more information on setting Recommended Items and the Biography tab, please check out: "Biography Tab.

*Bullet* Notebook: The Notebook tab provides a space where you can post and reply to short messages from other Writing.Com users, just like a status update for a social networking site. For more information on your Notebook, please check out: ""Notebook" Tab.

*Bullet* Blog: The Blog tab is one way to open your Writing.Com blog, if you've set one up. For more information on creating and working with your blog, please check out: "Blog Tab.

*Bullet* Fans: The Fans tab is one way to keep track of the other Writing.Com items and authors you enjoy. For more information on creating favorites and fans, please check out: "My Favorites and Fans. For information on how the Fans tab of your portfolio works, please check out: "Fans Tab.

*Bullet* Community: The Community tab is the place to go to keep track of all your involvement on Writing.Com. You can keep track of your earned Awardicons and Merit Badges, as well as breakdowns of your Community Recognition and Member Activity. For more information on the Community tab, please check out: "Community Tab.

*Bullet* Sliders: Sliders are the Writing.Com equivalent of magnetic poetry. You can create individual strips of words or phrases that can be arranged freely in a workspace. For more information on Sliders, please check out: "Sliders Tab.1

Recommended Reading

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