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Promotion to Moderator
Moderators are Preferred Authors who have been hand selected and promoted by Writing.Com Staff because they have shown to be extra helpful to other members. Moderators are considered volunteer leaders within the community and are usually able to answer most site related questions for members who need help or pointed in the right direction.

Promotions are not automatic; they are given out from time to time by Writing.Com Staff members. Preferred Authors are promoted to Moderators as staff's time allows and there is no set schedule. We feel that surprise feeds creativity; we do try to be unpredictable for the timing of promotions within Writing.Com.

Selection Criteria for Promotion to Moderator
The Preferred Author's criteria that is reviewed by Staff is as follows, but not limited to:

*Bullet* must be at least 18 years of age (by law)
*Bullet* positive and helpful involvement within the Writing.Com community
*Bullet* a genuine concern for Writing.Com and its members
*Bullet* interaction with other Writing.Com members
*Bullet* interaction with Writing.Com Moderators and staff
*Bullet* knowledge of Writing.Com and its tools
*Bullet* must have sent a minimum of 250 quality reviews
*Bullet* reviews must be given to a mix of other members
*Bullet* quantity of ratings that member has given out to other authors
*Bullet* must be a Writing.Com member for at least twelve months
*Bullet* accuracy of content ratings in authors portfolio
*Bullet* quality of items in portfolio
*Bullet* variety of items in portfolio
*Bullet* technical understanding of Writing.Com's site features

These criteria, along with any unique attributes an individual may possess, can be examined and considered, with varied weighting, when Staff chooses new Writing.Com Moderators.

What Happens Now?
If you are promoted to Moderator, that means we sincerely appreciate what you've been doing here at Writing.Com and would love for you to continue doing exactly what you've been doing! Promotions within the community are determined on your past performance and on site activity, but keeping that promotion is based on your current performance. We do reserve the right to relocate a Moderator to Preferred or Registered Author if that Moderator does not follow the simple rules and guidelines of the Writing.Com community and our Moderatorship. Additionally, all Moderators have the ability to lower their level at any time should they decide the position is no longer right for or of interest to them.

Moderators do have some responsibility within the site. They have the ability to change the content rating of items if they notice that something is not rated correctly. Remember, we make no promises that ANY content rating is EVER accurate, but we try our best.

Do Not Campaign To Be Promoted
Please do not campaign to become a Moderator. Rest assured that members involving themselves and interacting positively within the community will be noticed in due time. We hope Moderators will remain on our site for a long time, so please do not be offended if you are not quickly promoted. Likewise, please do NOT ask or pester Staff or other Moderators to become a Moderator. It is not nice and definitely not something we prefer! Please understand that you will NOT be promoted if you contact us regarding a possible promotion or overtly campaign for one.1

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